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What an incredibly short-sighted statement for Piers Morgan to make – even by his standards.

It sounds like Wuhan are now more or less clear of COVID-19.

The only reason they have practically eradicated the virus is because once it was known what they were dealing with, their government took sensible measures to prevent it spreading.

The initial steps taken by Boris and his pals, was to remind us to wash our hands. He also closed the pubs… for three months.

The British public, most notably the English, have played their part in keeping COVID alive. We’ve all heard about the covidiots.

Come to think of it, there was probably more people huddled together on Bournemouth beach, than there are in that Wuhan pool!

We’ve only ourselves to blame…

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A bit of a sad day. Claire and I were supposed to be heading to Southampton, in order to board the beautiful ship, Aurora.

We had both been looking forward to this cruise, which involves stops in Norway, Iceland and Ireland.

This hasn’t come as a shock to us. P&O cancelled the cruise in June. Anticipating this, we pulled out a month earlier, although it was clear since March that the cruise industry would be hit badly as a result of coronavirus.

In truth, with the current situation the world finds itself in, Claire and I wouldn’t want go anyway. Just do the maths…

deadly virus pandemic + lots of people + vaccine to deadly virus + enclosed cruise ship – vaccine to deadly virus = danger

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According to news reports, the covidiots are back – and boy, they are back in their droves!

There are stories of 19 beaches along the south coast being literally rammed with stupid people, desperate to catch some rays in the 37C heat. Go and sit in an oven if you enjoy being burnt alive – and don’t forget to wrap yourself in Bacofoil.

I have even read of families getting to the beach at 3am, to guarantee a good spot.

I am aware how the tabloids are renowned for making stuff up, but in this instance, based upon the past actions of these covidiots, I find all the reports highly plausible.

This photo is apparently of a Bournemouth beach and was taken yesterday. Never mind the risk of contracting the virus, this looks like my worst nightmare. There’s nowhere to move!

I believe that I have a solution to the problem. Instruct the local authorities to put up signs, warning of the dangers of entering the water. Tell every TV news channel and tabloid that there have been sightings of Great White Sharks.

Give it a week or two. If the sign idea doesn’t keep the cretins away, catch a real life Great White. Transport the beast from the Pacific Ocean and release into the English Channel.

I bet Sharky will enjoy the taste of covidiot…

Before anyone from PETA sends me abuse, death threats and pours a bucket of pig’s blood over me, the bit about catching a majestic creature like a Great White is a joke. I am very much in favour of animal rights.

All the other bits of this post, I feel passionate about – including the bit about feeding covidiots to local sea life.

Is it possible for dolphins and seals to develop a taste for human flesh?

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I had my haircut yesterday, for the first time since February.

Let’s just say my mop was getting very long and I was getting very annoyed with it.

You also know it’s bad when your wife calls you Shaggy. I assume she didn’t mean the cool dude behind classic tunes like It Wasn’t Me and In the Summertime. She was almost certainly referring to Scooby Doo’s scruffy mate.

The only reason I agreed into allowing the hairdresser into the house, was because she assured me that she always wears full PPE.

I wasn’t wrong…

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