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Frighting. Very, very frighting.

Skip forward to 5:50… “I still love Leeds”. The moment I heard those four words mumbled from his mouth, my heart sank and a little bit of poo came out.

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Uh-Oh. What are Leeds United’s “illustrious” owners going to do now?

Never fear, somebody has set up a petition! Horray! Although, judging by the poor spelling and grammar, I am going to set up my own petition – “Free Dictionaries for Residents of Huddersfield”

On a serious note, whether this Cellino bloke is ‘fit and proper’ is not my main concern. What worries me is the fact the current owners of Leeds United, not only started negotiations with the man, but borrowed money from him; knowing full well he has past convictions for fraud and a future case of fraud pending (which he was last week found guilty of). The chances of him being passed by The Football League were far from certain, so why take the risk? Very strange and extremely worrying such people are able to run a football club.

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I can’t speak Spanish. I learnt what few Spanish words I do know from Manuel on Fawlty Towers. I do, however, know that the world famous football fixture, between Barcelona and Real Madrid, is called El Clasico. It is not El Classico, with TWO uses of ‘s’.

This may sound incredibly pedantic, but when #ElClassico is the top worldwide trend on Twitter, with no sign of the correct trend in the Top 11, there is little hope for the future of mankind.

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The Domino’s Pizza man was at Bath City’s Community Day this afternoon. As he approached, I was about to point out that Pizza Express were better, when I noticed he was carrying a box of Haribo. I think these were intended for children, but I was given some. I had to ask though.

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