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It’s been very, very cold throughout today in Bath. We’ve had many flurries of snow, not a lot has settled but I am freezing my bollocks off typing this while I wait for the central heating to kick in…

Poor Arsenal! The first leg of The Champions League Second Round and they lose 3-1 to Bayern Munich. They have the second leg to make up, but that’ll mean them scoring 2 goals and not conceding should they wish to reach the quarter finals.

I watched the game on ITV1 and must admit they were awful. It was one of the worst performances I have seen from Arsenal. I only wish they had played the same against Leeds last season!

Liverpool were also in action against Bayer Leverkusen and won 3-1. Chelsea play Barcelona and Man Utd play AC Milan tomorrow.

I was taking a look at the Barcelona squad on the official website when I stumbled across the squad sheet for Barcelona’s Basketball team. Firstly I was unaware they had a basketball team, but the thing that really surprised me was the name of one of they players – Gregor Fucka! It’s the funniest name in sport since Stefan Kuntz of Germany!

What a poor bastard! What’s funnier is Fucka tried to get himself a Hotmail account but due to the nature of his surname was not allowed! The name also reminded me of Ben Stiller’s character in Meet the Parents – Greg Focker. More than just a coincidence I think!

Lastly, I watched the Chav program on Sky One yesterday. What a pile of inaccurate, self-opinionated rubbish!

The program was presented by self-proclaimed Chav Julie Burchill. She went on to glamorise Chav’s and criticise anybody who hates them. In her opinion, everyone who has a problem with them is surly middle class toffs who feel insecure about themselves.

She didn’t even give the proper description of a Chav! She described them as working class citizens who want to make their own unique style in their dress sense, music and bling bling. Nothing was mentioned of the problems hey cause!

Where I come from a Chav can be of any class whatsoever and doesn’t necessarily wear tracksuits, Burberry and cheap jewellery. A Chav is someone who is obnoxious, loud, potentially violent, hangs around in car parks and street corners drinking and smoking and is often seen wearing Burberry and bling bling.

Wearing crap doesn’t make you Chav

Sorry Burchill, you tried to prove a point by defending the Chavs and rubbishing those who have a problem with them. In my opinion you failed as you got the facts wrong.

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