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Leeds played awful last night against Nottingham Forest, luckily they didn’t lose, the game finished 0-0 but listening to it over the radio was like listening to a game of chess.

Why is it that when Leeds get so close to success – this time promotion – they throw it all away by playing crap? Forest a poor side and will almost certainly get relegated, if Leeds had played at their best they could have annihilated them. Makes you think the players are just damn lazy.

An ex-Leeds player who is looking very lazy and a little bit fat is Harry Kewell. Kewell used to be fabulous in his golden years at Leeds but since moving to Liverpool he has become shit. All this time on the bench is taking its toll on his health and he looks overweight by footballing standards.

The fans used to sing “Harry, Harry Kewell” in the style of “Daddy, Daddy Cool” to him. I can think of a better chant in the same style. “Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies? Harry, Harry Kewell! Harry, Harry Kewell!” The waste of space is now fatter than fellow Australian lard arse Mark Viduka.

Anyway, moving on from football, I went to the cinema last night with all intentions of seeing Hitch. When I got to the cinema I was persuaded by a friend to see another bad film Boogeyman.

The film is about a man who during childhood saw his Dad killed by The Boogeyman. Nobody believed him and assumed his Dad just left. In adulthood he returns to face the Boogeyman and unsurprisingly he does exist. The film is crap. Storyline is poor. The scare tactics are poor, anybody can make audiences jump unexpectedly. AVOID!!!

The only good thing about going to the cinema was that I saw a trailer for The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I have never read the books or seen the TV series, but the film looks absolutely brilliant! I can’t wait to see it.

Lastly, I am seriously thinking of ending my Sky+ subscription. I currently pay a massive £41 a month for a large package. After much thought I realised that 90% of the programs I do watch are Free To Air/View (BBC1, BBC2, BBC Three, ITV1, etc).

If I want solely Free To Air & View channels I still need to pay Sky £10 a month for the privilege of using my own Sky+ box – something which is my own property!

What do Sky actually provide for this £10 a month? Software Updates? Customers with standard digiboxes get these for free anyway and the last update in July was full of bugs which caused havoc for thousands of customers!

Basically, Sky are holding me to ransom. Either I pay them £10 a month or they stop me using a piece of equipment I paid for and own. Sky are in the right though, I know I agreed to the terms and conditions when I signed up, I do think that it is unfair though.

“My own equipment without having to pay for the privilege!”

Imagine if a car garage did that. You’d buy a car, but need to keep paying them £10 a month or it would just not drive. The £10 would not include petrol, servicing or a guarantee; it would just keep it running.

It’s a fucking rip off! I’m seriously thinking of buying a Freeview Personal Video Recorder which will offer the features Sky+ does. One off payment and no subscription meaning I don’t have to pay to use my own property!

Lastly, you may have noticed some parts of this blog entry are in bold. This is to seperate where a start of a new topic is mentioned. For example, some visitors don’t like football, all you need to do now is scan for the first non-footballing selection of text and read on.

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