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Those Sky+ boxes really are so badly manufactured! I had my original box replaced last November and this weekend the replacement had it. It is well outside the warranty period, 6 months in fact and I knew all to well that I may have to pay a fee for a Sky engineer to replace it.

The thing I resent about this is that I know of many people whose boxes have failed, this is a known problem. I am sure if I were to get a replacement that would eventually fail and subsequently the box after that would do the same. Obviously there is some manufacturing issue somewhere.

Another issue is during the warranty period on no occasion was I offered the chance to purchase an extended guarantee, even though I requested information on one!

Anyway, to cut a long story short this evening I rung Sky. I was told by the operator that indeed I would have to call an engineer out at a cost of £65. I was not happy and asked to speak to his supervisor. She didn’t offer much joy either so I said that I would like to cancel my subscription.

I was transferred again to the Cancellations Department who practically begged me to stay with Sky and asked if there was anything they could do to make me happy. They more or less offered to kiss my arse and lick my shoes clean. They agreed to send an engineer out free of charge. I’m happy, they’re happy, everybody’s happy.

Just goes to show he who moans longest and shouts loudest wins!

This cardboard box is more use than my broken Sky+ box

Last night on Sky I watched the Man United – Chelsea game. Chelsea won the game 3-1 and really demonstrated that they are the top dogs of football (although Arsenal who beat Everton 7-0 this evening may well disagree!).

The thing I noticed was that when the game ended Old Trafford almost completely emptied of ManU fans. This was the last home game of the season for Manchester United!

Every team in every club across the country performs a ‘lap of honour’ for the fans at their final home game and the fans applaud their players for their work across the last 9 months.

Alex Ferguson dropped one of these last night after the game.
It was heard throughout Old Trafford

All those ManU fans who left are just so ungrateful and fickle. There must have been 30,000 Leeds fans who stayed at Elland Road on Sunday and they had to endure a really torrid season. This really shows who the real fans are!

I’m having to be on my guard at the moment. I have heard reports from many people that there are many large spiders about this month and inside houses. One person said they lifted up an item of clothing to find two of the buggers on his hand. Had that happened to me I would have died!

Whoever made up the saying “Spiders are more scared of you than you are of them” is a liar. If that were the case every time a spider saw me it would run away leaving a trail of spider poo behind it!

The only spider picture I could find that didn’t scare me

Lastly, I’m going on holiday in August! The plan is for me and a friend to go up near Birmingham, rent a barge or a week and travel up the canals along ‘The Black Country Ring’.

The boat I get will be bigger, in water and not have a giant dog hanging out the window

Sounds a very enjoyable experience, I’ve never done this before but my friend has so hopefully the boat won’t end up crashing into any icebergs and going the way of The Titanic. I’ll have to get myself a captains cap to wear and practice my sea talk “Take her to Wolverhampton Mr. Murdoch, lets stretch her legs”.

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