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There’s been no blog updates for nearly a week! Mainly because I’ve been feeling ill for the last six or seven days, am feeling a lot better today though so thought I should pull my finger out.

I was suffering from a bad cold and I was off work from Wednesday onwards. It’s one of these viruses where you aren’t too ill to be bedridden all day, but you are not well enough to do much else! The days dragged and I started feeling sorry for myself. I ended up watching shows like Neighbours and the Leeds United: Best of Europe DVD. It was certainly a boring three days; I certainly don’t envy the unemployed.

My savior last week

While off work I kept seeing this Crazy Frog advert on TV. It is really starting to piss me off. It is on almost every set of adverts not once but twice! I am yet to find anybody that likes this frog, I did however read somewhere that it is worth an estimated £10million!

I think the ‘Chav’ population must occupy 99.9% of the C.F.C. (Crazy Frog Customers) and in-between Happy Slapping on their stolen mobile phones probably listen to the annoying amphibian while drinking White Lighting Cider.

Something else I noticed this week was the new 3D Weather service from The BBC. What a crock of crap. The BBC have obviously never heard of the phrase “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. The new weather system looks too modern and unless you live in the far South of England would find it a lot harder to see the weather for your region! If you live in Inverness you’re fucked quite frankly.

Another thing about this weather, indeed all TV weather broadcasts, why are only selected towns and cities listed on the map? Here we have Aberdeen, Newcastle, Norwich, Cardiff and Plymouth. Why the BBC feels the need to list these and not cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds is a mystery to me.

Lastly moving onto the topic of football, you can now pre-order the new Leeds United kit. Long-time fans of will no doubt remember the problems I had last summer obtaining the shirt which I ordered online. The order didn’t actually go through, even though I did everything right! This year I am taking no chances and am ringing the mail order department direct…. Trouble is when I ring the hotline there is a pre-recorded answer phone telling me the service is unavailable!!!! It’s so infuriating the poor service of The Leeds United Retail Department. No doubt I will “eventually” get m 2005/6 shirt and no doubt I will have the same problems getting the 2006/7 shirt next season.

Finally I had to raise a smile today. Arsenal won The FA Cup, beating Manchester United on penalties. Man Utd had the better of the game but simply couldn’t score against Arsenal. Fair play to The Gunners, they had a game plan and stuck to it. Anybody who says that the best team lost is very, very wrong. If Manchester United were indeed the best team they would have taken their chances and scored against Arsenal.

When it came down to penalties it was inevitable that Manchester United would lose. The reason being they have the most amount of English players in their team and we all know how badly England get on in penalty shoot outs! It was in fact Englishman Paul Scholes who’s saved penalty saw Arsenal win the cup.

Well done Arsenal!

I was actually out when the game was being played and had the game recording on Sky+. I tried very hard to avoid the result so I could watch it when I got back. The result was practically given away to me when just at the bottom of my road I saw a sad looking Man Utd fan returning from the pub about 40 minutes late (just about enough time to cover extra time and penalties). After seeing this I strongly suspected the outcome and was not wrong!

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