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Big Brother 6 is now in full swing. 13 new housemates have entered the house. Like you I know little about them, but here are my first impressions on the brave, stupid fools….


I really hate this housemate. His manner is nauseating. He talks down to the viewer and fellow housemates (this will cause many conflicts) and has very strong and often controversial opinions.



Thick Northern girl who couldn’t even work out how to open the door to get into the house, mind you she probably didn’t see the door past her XXL bust. Very self-opinionated and thinks she is a lot better than she is. Makes you wonder if they have mirrors in Huddersfield.



Again very unmodest and has very strong opinions on what she does NOT like. Sells herself using the “Sex Card” far too much in her auditions. If she is not hiding something interesting she will leave the house early on.



My favourite housemate so far. Like Bubble from BB2 likes his football, beer and ladies. Reminds me of a London cab driver, comically rants about what he likes and hates about the world. Can see him doing well.



Absolutely awful woman! Terrible, terrible, terrible. She is the real life Vicky Pollard “Yeah, but yeah but no but….” Someone needs to gag her, I don’t think I can stand her for long.



One word – shallow. Acts like he is from a talentless boy band. He will be a dull character but unfortunately will do well as he’ll get the ladies vote.



Acts and looks like a character straight out of Goodfellas. Fiery Italian who is now living in Liverpool. He looks like he could be part of the mafia. Maybe Big Brother should watch out when issuing him with evil tasks.



Says she is good looking – if you like large hair and large ear rings. Seems a very calm and pleasant lady although appears she could have a real temper. Anyone who pisses her off will probably know about it.



I HATE this person. HATE him. Every other word that comes out of his mouth is an unnecessary profanity. He has some terrible views on society. Appears to be a fat, self-opinionated, wanker. Hope he offends someone in the house who can give him a smack in the mouth – he needs one.



Very scary lady. Looks like the girl from The Exorcist. A self confessed white witch. One of these people who believes heavily in the paranormal. Could be an interesting housemate whose beliefs offend and disturb housemates.



He may dress and talk like Ali G but I like Science. Good character and seems genuine. He’ll certainly defend himself in a confrontation but I think will be a good, fair housemate.



Boring girl who boasts about how she is natural, likes sport and farting. Trying to sell herself too much I think and appears to be shallow. Has some very controversial view on immigrants coming into Britain “they all wanna kill us, bomb us” was just one opinion which I’m sure will be challenged.



The male equivalent of Vanessa. Will not shut up, needs a slap and behaves like he has ODed on Speed.

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