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Went to The Bell in town again this evening, funny how it was relatively quite last week, on St. Patrick’s Day – one of the busiest days of the year for pubs yet tonight it was jam packed. I queued for 15 minutes to get a drink and waited longer still for somewhere to sit. I eventually ended up sitting on a plastic garden chair in some outhouse – not good! :o(

Moving on… not that you will have noticed unless you are spying on me and my website but I changed web servers today. A good friend of mine had been providing free hosting for me on his server since October 2004 but the company looking after them, providing the connection and all that bollocks went belly up this week – thanks a lot Core-ISP! I now have to pay for my hosting – OK it’s only around £3 a month but I’ll also lose access to my friend’s private FTP with lots of “legal” downloads! Bollocks!

If anyone feels like giving me money towards the hosting, contact me in the usual manner and I’ll tell you where to post the cheque… don’t all e-mail me at once. You’ve seen the TV ads “every time I click my fingers a child in Africa dies of starvation”. Well listen to this… “every time I click my fingers some visitor uses costly bandwidth on my website”. Please give generously.

I took out property insurance this afternoon using Endsleigh, an insurance company specialising in covering student accommodation as well as bedsits and flats, where I am living (see, more expenses for me!). I got a fairly decent quote which covers accidental damage, theft, etc inside as well as covering my MP3 player outside of the property. So if I ever smash my 32” LCD TV in some crazy circumstance or get my MP3 player nicked by some dirty chav I’m covered! Sadly I don’t think I get legal protection against smashing the thieving chav’s face into the pavement to retrieve my player.

Last but by no means least my friend Dan has re-lauched his web site DanInTheMix – now known as Daninthemix Dot Com. Here you can read his amusing and sometimes disturbing blogs as well as download some of his excellent mixes. He doesn’t blog as frequently as me (lazy bugger) but when he finally does get round to the strenuous task his entries are rather amusing. Since I last mentioned him he has moved from Bath to London and to my unhappiness now supports Chelsea (even though he was a Liverpool fan as a kid) – I’ll convert him to Leeds yet!

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