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Last week a friend or mine persuaded me to spend £25 of my hard earned cash on a copy of the popular PC game Half Life 2. I don’t normally play PC games, I’m more of a console man but there was a reason behind ordering this and it wasn’t for the original highly acclaimed game.

Some extremely clever programmers have made a modification/add-on for Half Life 2 which allows people to play the Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye. It’s not just a bit of a jumped up version of the 1997 classic either, this mod entitled “GoldenEye Source” is truly jaw dropping.

The maps are the same as the original, as are the weapons and characters however so much detail has been added in all areas while maintaining the original, highly addictive game play which made the original just so popular.

Unlike the console version where multiplayer games would consist of a split-screen, GoldenEye Source is one full screen per player. This is a great advantage as nobody can see where you are! Of course it does mean every player needs their own PC and copy of the game, but Half Life 2 (like most games on the PC) is strictly designed for local area networks and the internet.

The game is currently being developed and is only at an alpha stage. A beta version is scheduled for a September 2006 release (there will be some updates before then though). This said even though the game is at such an early stage it is certainly playable.

There are a few bugs but none that seriously affect game play. The only areas lacking are character, weapon and level selection, so many from the original are missing in this mod however the designers fully intend to include all the missing areas in future as well as a few more surprises! I have also heard there are plans to make the original, 1 player game available in due course. That would be so cool!

I have included a gallery of screen grabs (personally grabbed during play) here. If you fancy playing me both my userID and screen name is “Sparkster_LUFC” (the same as my Xbox Live account). Just e-mail me first otherwise requests may be ignored. Jon, a friend of mine who often plays the console version with me is also enjoying the game, his userID is “Hubbers” and his screen name is “Jono”. Daninthemix is also a big GoldenEye fan – I’m working on getting him to buy Half Life 2 so he can play too :o)

Oh, I almost forgot, if you actually want GoldenEye source you can download it free and legally here. You will need a copy of Half Life 2 as well as Deathmatch – only legal copies will work so there’s no place for you pirates out there.

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Anyone else seen this clip doing the rounds on the net? It’s of an ugly, skinhead, Manchester United supporting chav, probably in a box bedroom of his mum’s house, miming along to some awful ManU parody of that “Fuck It” song by Eamon.

What’s the bet he lives in Plymouth, has never been to Old Trafford and his mum won’t let him have Sky so every time the BBC or ITV show a Man Utd game he wets himself with excitement? Wouldn’t put it past him, he looks a sad tosser.

Now, I would never, ever degrade myself on camera like he has, however I have re-worked the lyrics to give them an LUFC twist. If any Leeds fans are reading, please don’t record yourself singing them, it’ll be so embarrassing for you, me and the football club.

See I will,
Hate the scum so much,
Their fans and players are a bunch of c*nts,
I hate them,
I love Leeds in white,
But Manchester are shite,
And now I’m gonna tell you what is real

Fuck Ferguson and fuck Ronaldo
Fuck Gary Neville and that twat Rio
Fuck Wayne Rooney and fuck Van Horseface
Fuck Man United your teams a disgrace
We love Malcolm Glazer, scum fans got conned
Please bring scum down to Unibond…
Fuck Eamon Holmes and fuck you Nesbitt
You scum supporters deserve to get hit

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It’s Saturday again and that means a whole host of football matches.

I made some predictions for the mid-week games just gone, I didn’t do great but didn’t disgrace myself either. From the 6 games predicted I got 3 results correct although no perfect scores.

Here’s a breakdown of my predictions and results…

My Prediction Actual Result
Man City 1-1 West Ham Man City 1-2 West Ham
Southampton 1-1 Watford Southampton 1-3 Watford
Birmingham 0-2 Liverpool Birmingham 0-7 Liverpool
Leeds 1-1 Crystal Palace Leeds 0-1 Crystal Palace
Chelsea 2-1 Newcastle Chelsea 1-0 Newcastle
Charlton 2-2 Middlesbrough Charlton 0-0 Middlesbrough

Now here is a list of predictions for this weekend’s Premiership games as well as 3 Championship games involving promotion chasing Leeds, Watford and Sheffield United.

Aston Villa v Fulham ~ 2-1 Villa
Chelsea v Man City ~ 2-0 Chelsea
Liverpool v Everton ~ 2-1 Liverpool
Portsmouth v Arsenal ~ 1-2 Arsenal
Sunderland v Blackburn ~ 1-2 Blackburn
Wigan v West Ham ~ 1-1 Draw
Charlton v Newcastle ~ 1-1 Draw
Man Utd v Birmingham ~ 2-0 Man Utd
Middlesbrough v Bolton ~ 2-1 Middlesbrough
Tottenham v West Brom ~ 2-1 Tottenham
Leeds v Stoke ~ 2-0 Leeds Utd
Sheff United v Southampton ~ 2-1 Sheffield Utd
Watford v Millwall ~ 2-0 Watford

As you can see Leeds take on Stoke at Elland Road. The Whites haven’t won in 3 games which is unusual considering their first-rate form this season. I think they’ll win today though although they’ll have to watch out for Stoke.

Stoke remind me of Leeds United at this stage last season when we played Ipswich at Elland Road (a game in which I attended). Leeds (like Stoke now) were clear of relegation but the play offs were out of reach. Ipswich were riding high in 3rd place, battling it out with Wigan for 2nd (similar to Leeds/Watford/Sheff Utd this season). I thought Leeds would lose as did many fans. It was a scrappy game which ended 1-1 and put a serious dent in Ipswich’s promotion hopes and of course led to them staying in the Championship. Stoke could do this to Leeds today by drawing against us or God forbid – winning. Still going for a 2-1 Leeds win though. It’l be tough, scrappy and ugly.

Hoping we’ll also see more of new signing Jermaine Beckford today, recently signed from a non-league side he was working in the RAC just the other week fitting windscreens. Looked impressive on Tuesday night by all accounts (the only positive to be taken from the game). is now an Official Jermaine Beckford Fan.

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Went to The Bell in town again this evening, funny how it was relatively quite last week, on St. Patrick’s Day – one of the busiest days of the year for pubs yet tonight it was jam packed. I queued for 15 minutes to get a drink and waited longer still for somewhere to sit. I eventually ended up sitting on a plastic garden chair in some outhouse – not good! :o(

Moving on… not that you will have noticed unless you are spying on me and my website but I changed web servers today. A good friend of mine had been providing free hosting for me on his server since October 2004 but the company looking after them, providing the connection and all that bollocks went belly up this week – thanks a lot Core-ISP! I now have to pay for my hosting – OK it’s only around £3 a month but I’ll also lose access to my friend’s private FTP with lots of “legal” downloads! Bollocks!

If anyone feels like giving me money towards the hosting, contact me in the usual manner and I’ll tell you where to post the cheque… don’t all e-mail me at once. You’ve seen the TV ads “every time I click my fingers a child in Africa dies of starvation”. Well listen to this… “every time I click my fingers some visitor uses costly bandwidth on my website”. Please give generously.

I took out property insurance this afternoon using Endsleigh, an insurance company specialising in covering student accommodation as well as bedsits and flats, where I am living (see, more expenses for me!). I got a fairly decent quote which covers accidental damage, theft, etc inside as well as covering my MP3 player outside of the property. So if I ever smash my 32” LCD TV in some crazy circumstance or get my MP3 player nicked by some dirty chav I’m covered! Sadly I don’t think I get legal protection against smashing the thieving chav’s face into the pavement to retrieve my player.

Last but by no means least my friend Dan has re-lauched his web site DanInTheMix – now known as Daninthemix Dot Com. Here you can read his amusing and sometimes disturbing blogs as well as download some of his excellent mixes. He doesn’t blog as frequently as me (lazy bugger) but when he finally does get round to the strenuous task his entries are rather amusing. Since I last mentioned him he has moved from Bath to London and to my unhappiness now supports Chelsea (even though he was a Liverpool fan as a kid) – I’ll convert him to Leeds yet!

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Well the half time score line didn’t change in the second half, that game in had is gone – down the toilet.

Leeds, 4th place in the league, 4 points behind Sheffield United in 2nd, 2 points behind Watford in 3rd. The chase for automatic promotion isn’t over by any means but sadly Leeds will be relying upon other teams dropping points as well as doing them job themselves

This has to be seen as an opportunity missed for Leeds, Watford are on fire, Sheffield United are in dire straights but they have to win at sometime. Leeds haven’t won in 3 games now. Something needs to be done or the nail biting playoffs await…

Still, it could be worse, I could be a Birmingham fan. Heading for relegation and defeated 7-0 at home to Liverpool in the FA Cup. Ex-Leeds United player Eddie Gray commentating on the Leeds game summed it up well “a disappointing result for Birmingham” – how observant Eddie!

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