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It’s been an action packed weekend and I haven’t blogged since Wednesday so I have a lot to cover. Before you ready any further, I would suggest putting on a pot of coffee and finding a comfortable chair. This is going to be a long one…

After work I walked into town for an evening out with work colleagues. Socialising with co-workers is not a regular occurrence of mine, but this was one event that would have been rather difficult to avoid.

We went to a Chinese restaurant with an “all you can eat” buffet. I don’t normally enjoy Chinese food, I prefer Indian or Italian, but this place was surprisingly good. The only problem I did experience was that so many dishes contained fish. I hate fish. I had to be very careful when selecting the food and twice had to leave plates full of fishy rice and noodles on vacant tables.

After eating all that was humanly possible within a two hour period, we went to a pub for a few drinks. Again, not what I expected. I imagined that everybody around me would be drinking themselves into a deeply pissed state and forcing me to stoop to their level by offering endless rounds of alcohol. Luckily this was not the case and we all enjoyed a few relaxed pints before going home.

Curry. Beer. GoldenEye. Oh and just a little matter of a Leeds United win. An excellent day.

The new Leeds manager, Dennis Wise has received the official “Sparkster Thumbs Up” for beating Southend 2-0. I was beginning to forget what it was like to actually win a game! I made a mix for the game here, my first of the season.

Mr. Watkins and I then went into Bath for dinner. My regular eatery, Garfunkles was annoyingly full so we had the difficult task of deciding where to go instead. Mr. Watkins was insistent we go to Nandos, mainly because he likes playing matchmaker between me and a particular waitress (who probably doesn’t work Saturday’s anyway). This time my stubbornness prevailed and we went to my choice of restaurant, Eastern Eye.

Not since Mr. White’s birthday, when there was so much embarrassment from a group of lager louts had I been to Eastern Eye, the best Indian restaurant in Bath. Last nights visit reminded me of what a good curry actually tasted like.

After we had eaten we went back to mine (via Sainsbury’s to collect Simon) for our weekly GoldenEye session. After GoldenEye the debate of “What’s better, Fifa or Pro Evo?” came back. Simon and I decided to play both games. One match on each. I was Barcelona while Simon chose Arsenal. We started with Pro Evo. I lost 5-0. On Fifa I won 8-0. Therefore it was concluded that Fifa is the best football game of all time and I am the champion.

Nothing much happened today.

That is all. Goodnight.

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