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I’m still getting harassed by this girl, via e-mail – she sounds desperate now.

Hi! I am tired today. I am 25 y.o. girl that would like to chat with you. Email me at only. You will see some of my private pics.

I may be very wrong, but somehow I don’t think I’ll get any breast or arse from this hottie. By responding, I think the only meat I’ll get is spam. Still, if anyone thinks differently, be my guest and e-mail her. You never know, she may be a lonely, fit 25 year old girl, typing in random e-mail addresses, and desperate for sex.

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President Blairs may have only departed Downing Street a few hours ago, and his wife’s hairs may still be in the plughole of the bath, but it’s clear that all us Brits have forgotten about him already. According to BBC News, more people in the UK care that ex-Celebrity Big Brother contestants, Preston and Chantelle, have split up than the fact Blair has a new job – (ironically) as a peace keeper in Iraq.

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A revised GTA: Bath cover. I think it’s better.

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In between fixing annoying computer problems at work today, Sam and I discussed a very important topic – one which any self-respecting Grand Theft Auto fan has almost certainly contemplated at some point in their life… What would happen if a GTA game was made in their hometown – in our case, Bath.

Bath is a small city, and having played the massive San Andreas on the PlayStation 2, I feel confident that it would be possible to map the whole of the town, including shops, streets, landmarks, etc into one single game – especially with the technological advances now offered by the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Bath is a historical city, and would offer many opportunities and new ideas for GTA game designers. Here are a few we thought up…

  • All new vehicles including hot air balloons, bendy buses, canal boats, city tour buses and horse taxis
  • Locations including Bath Abbey, riverside and tow path, city centre, Bath Rugby ground, Bath City F.C., Victoria Park and the Roman Baths
  • New enemies including Twerton chavs, charity workers, tramps and rugby fans
  • When you get arrested (or “busted”), you would re-appear outside Bath Police Station in town.
  • Getting killed (or “wasted”), would re-spawn you outside A&E at The Royal United Hospital.

The possibilities are endless. If by some chance, an employee of Rockstar is reading my blog, why not make the next GTA game in the series (after IV) set in Bath – you know it makes sense – I even designed a front cover for the game!

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I saw this today on Time to update the site, I think…

Henry leads the exodus

Sorry Simon! Please don’t kill me.

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