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Ever since I decided to buy Grand Theft Auto 4 on the PlayStation 3 as opposed to Xbox 360, I knew this day would come – the time where the downloadable content, exclusive to Microsoft’s 360 console, would be released.

Being a big GTA fan, not playing the much hyped add-on, The Lost and Damned, would not have been an option. Unfortunately there is no way it will be available on the PlayStation 3.

Tuesday afternoon was therefore spent visiting all the game shops in Bath, trying to find the cheapest shop selling the original GTA4, required to play the new add on. I eventually managed to get a second hand copy for a reasonable price and received a discount by using my loyalty card.

When I got home, I began downloading the add-on. Maybe it was because every GTA fan in the world was doing the same thing at the same time (it was, after all released on Tuesday), but the download, which was nearly 2 gigabytes, took over 3 hours to come down the pipes.

I have only really had chance to play it today. As expected, it uses the original GTA4 map, which is extremely large. The difference between the new game and the original being you’re a new character with all new missions.

Initial impressions are very good. Very much like GTA4, you take the role of a very dodgy character, in this case a member of a motorbike gang, and go around the city causing trouble and general melee… The first mission involved chasing a rival gang around the streets of Liberty City at high speeds, riding a motorbike, while firing a sawn-off shotgun. You get the idea.

I don’t expect this add-on to be any near as large as the full GTA4 game, but if it passes the time before GTA5 is released (whenever that may be), it’ll keep me amused.

One thing I noticed – component video is terrible compared to HDMI. I had the pleasure of playing GTA4 on the PS3 in lovely HDMI. My Xbox only outputs in component and it looks so grainy. How did we ever cope with RF leads back in the Sega Mega Drive days?

2 Responses to The Lost and Damned

  1. Anonymous

    February 20, 2009 - 2:07 am

    I am aware of the difference between component and HDMI, but were you aware that the Lost and Damned DLC has a new grainy filter applied on purpose by Rockstar?

  2. Daninthemix

    February 23, 2009 - 10:19 am

    Turn the noise filter off.

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