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This weekend I took a break from the usual fun and games of watching Bath City play and made an eventful trip up t’north.

I took Friday off work to travel up to Walsall with Claire. We made the journey by train, where we were entertained (or rather annoyed) by our fellow travellers who consisted of large mothers, screaming kids and cats in baskets. We made it back in one piece, exhausted, where we decided to stay indoors for the rest of the night, avoiding the streets of Walsall – and the trick or treaters.

Saturday morning I was collected by my dad and carried on my tour of the north by going to Leeds. There we stayed with relatives for the remainder of the weekend. It was very nice.

By some massive coincidence, Leeds United happened to be playing the very same afternoon I was there. It would have been very rude to not make the trip to Elland Road, so we collected our pre-booked tickets and went along to watch the Mighty Whites take on Yeovil Town.

In my history as a Leeds fan, I have never been to a home game and seen them lose (unfortunately, the same cannot be said about away matches). What with Yeovil being a small village near to where I live, I rather arrogantly assumed it would be a walkover. I think my fellow home fans shared my optimism.

I was deeply disturbed when I realised that Leeds, despite being top of the table by about a million points, were playing shit and on the verge of losing to a team comprised of The Wurzels.

I was getting worried. This anxiety wasn’t helped by the home fans singing about their hatred of Chelsea, Manchester United and scoring goals in the San Siro. That’s all very well and good, but when you’re being outplayed by a bunch of yokels, it isn’t very funny!

Luckily for Leeds, it is a well known fact that despite all Yeovil players having barns in their back garden, they’re not able to hit the doors of them with a banjo. Chance after chance went astray, before Leeds got a lucky goal, making ‘Yeovile’ pay for their missed chances.

It was the second half where the floodgates opened. Yeovil stood there, jaws dropped in awe of Leeds, as the League One leaders outplayed them all over the park, scoring some excellent goals. It was a fabulous second half display – the best I’ve seen Leeds play in years. Full time score: 4-0

Good times!

You may be wondering why I am so hostile towards Yeovil, despite living fairly close to them and being a massive fan of a Somerset-based team myself. That’s easy. My local side, Bath City, are still bitter rivals of Yeovil. Therefore, any team that beats them, with the possible exception of Manchester United, gets my full support!

Finally, by attending the Leeds game yesterday, I missed Bath City’s match against Bromley. This finished 0-0. I wasn’t actually surprised by the result. Out of the few games I have missed in recent years, not one has been a Bath City victory. In fact 50% of missed matches have been 0-0 draws – a score line rarely associated with The Romans. Maybe my presence at the game inspires our strikers… and distracts our defence!

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