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I’ve just seen Father Christmas over the skies of Bath. If it’s not him, it may be a bird on fire, Superman or this

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I listened into the last half hour of the UK Top 40 this evening. It’s been years since I have taken an interest in the Chart Show. The last time was when South Park’s Chef released Chocolate Salty Balls, which was in contention for Christmas Number 1. Chef didn’t win. I think he missed out to some shite from the Spice Girls.

Tonight, I was hoping for The Wealdstone Raider to be No. 1 and beat Simon Cowell. Sadly, he finished 5th. Considering The Raider’s record has only been out a few days, he has never released anything before or been on a talent show watched by millions, it is a remarkable achievement.

He also beat a lot of other contenders for the Number One spot…

Take That – You’ve got no fans!


Taylor Swift – You’ve got no tunes!


One Direction – You’ve got no ground!


Calvin Harris – I’ll give it ya!


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Shall I reply? What could possibly go wrong…

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Be very careful when choosing salami from Tesco. I nearly bought this for the office Christmas Eve buffet.

I’m still undecided if this is a treat made for dogs, or a treat made from dogs.

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Last Christmas, I was given a pair of socks. Receiving such a gift is a sign of getting old, but also the fact I had holes in my old socks. The socks I received were really nice. They even had the days of the week on them, so I could keep myself organised.

However, there has been a recent disaster concerning my socks. One of them has gone missing. My lost sock was for ‘Thursday’. Between Wednesday and Friday, my life hasn’t been the same since, as I haven’t known what day of the week it is and have had to resort to wearing Simpsons socks, which are falling to pieces.

The good news is that the missing sock has been found. The bad news is that it is in the middle of the road, outside our house and is squashed – no doubt after being run-over my cars countless numbers of times. How the hell the sock ended up in the road is anyone’s guess. My sock drawer is relatively close to the bedroom bin and also the clothes basket, so in theory, it could have fallen in there. Even if that did happen, the bedroom bin, would have ended up in a black sack, for the bin men to take away on Thursday morning. How the sock got from the black sack and into the road is a mystery.

The sock is still in the road. I did suggest to Claire that we rescue it and give it a wash, so it can be worn again. Claire said that dogs had probably pissed on it. She has a point. Therefore, my sock remains in the road, outside our house, while I find myself dazed, confused and wearing an old ‘Moe Szyslak‘ sock every Thursday.

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