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Roman has been a bloody nightmare today! For the past week, we have allowed him the freedom to explore our front room, from beyond the boundaries of his run.

You would have thought that he would be grateful and repay us with loving licks, or even a luxury vegetable box, sourced from Mr McGregor’s garden.

Unfortunately for Claire and I, for all his  good points (of which there are many), Roman can be rather naughty and is known to take advantage of generosity shown his way…

The biggest problem we face, when releasing Roman into the big wide world of our front room, is that he bites wood – mainly a gorgeous coffee table, which I am very fond of.

I never normally tell Roman off, but after witnessing him tear a generous chunk of wood from the table, right in front of my very eyes, I would be lying if I didn’t shout at our little one-year-old boy.

I’m not proud of my colourful language and certainly wouldn’t use it in front of a 12-month-old human baby – especially as I told our little bunny to “F*** off”, before calling him a “T**t” and an alternative to the name “Richard Head”. It could have been worse – I could have shouted that other unfortunate man’s name, “Mike Hunt”.

If he continues being a tear-away, I think that I will have no choice, but to buy this book. I am aware that, as a vegetarian, I am unable to eat meat; although in this case, I think I could make an exception.

When Roman isn’t being a bad bunny, he’s being a stupid one. His latest obsession is with our big green armchair. He absolutely loves to jump up onto it.

The problem is, that while he can easily hop onto the armchair, he is unable to pluck up the courage to jump back down, onto the floor.

This leads to him attempting to find another means of escaping the towering piece of lounge furniture. There are only three ways of doing this – jumping from one of the two arm rests, or climbing over the back of the chair.

All of these alternative means of absconding his self-imposed jail sentence, would result in a far greater leap to the floor, compared to jumping back down the way he came. While we doubt he would willingly jump down, hopping onto one of the emergency exits does pose a risk of him falling and breaking a bone.

Blocking Roman’s access to the armchair may have done the trick.

Everything would be so much easier, if Roman would just tolerate being picked up. He has always hated it. Out of respect for our pet rabbit, we have given up trying to pick him up for cuddles; although if we could just lift him from the chair and carefully place him back onto the floor, it would make everyone’s lives easier.

For those concerned, Roman did manage to get back onto the floor safely. The first thing he did, once establishing his footing on level ground, was to try and jump back onto the chair again… Mike Hunt!

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