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It’s Cheltenham Festival week – a time where millions of people across the globe go horse-mad, despite avoiding the sport for the other 51 weeks of the year. It’s just like those who watch Wimbledon, yet in reality hate tennis. Jumping on the bandwagon.

I am not one of those people who went horse-mad. I am no expert in that (horse) field. I have no idea how to even place a bet on racing – or should that be “I have neigh idea”. Apologies.

My wife, Claire, enjoys the racing and in the past has been to Bath Races, so does not fall into the group of ‘bandwagon-jumpers’, mentioned above.

Being a racing fan, Claire enjoyed watching the television coverage, throughout the week.

As we generally spend our homelife together, I was able to watch many of the races with Claire.

It was the penultimate race of the entire festival, this afternoon, that I became generally excited about a horse race, for the first time ever.

No, I hadn’t put money on the outcome – I don’t know how, remember. In fact, it was only towards the end of the race that I took any real interest.

My attention was originally caught, when a poor horse fell. Tragically, it later died.

While watching the race, we noticed a horse running alongside all the others, despite not having a jockey on its back. Presumably the jockey had fallen off, somewhere along the way.

As the horses (and remaining jockeys) got closer and closer to the finish line, the horse who had lost its jockey, got closer and closer to the front of the pack.

Claire and I started to get excited…

Due to a rule which I strongly oppose, the jockeyless horse was not declared the winner. Apparently, the horse AND the jockey have to both cross the finish line.

At least give the horse some recognition! It won’t want a large financial prize – it’s financially stable! Financially stable! Stable! Get it? I give up. No, the winning horse would be happy enough with a tube of Polos and a carrot!

The horse which, in my eyes won, is ironically named Time Waits For No One. I am therefore delighted to award him (or her) the SEAN’S STORIES F-HAY CUP.

As well as a cup, TWFNO will be awarded a carrot, from the Asda vegetable aisle. However, as Cheltenham is a long way from Bath, I am sure everyone will agree that the best thing to do, is to give the carrot to our pet rabbit, Roman.

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