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Woke up at 7.30am, after what I believed to be a disturbed night’s sleep, although Claire assures me that everytime she woke up, which was frequently, I was sleeping. I often find the first night in a new environment strange, so am hoping for a better sleep tonight.

The sunrise this morning was beautiful and brilliantly captured by my wife, who had already braved the balcony. Honestly – waking up to nothing more than the ocean waves from outside and sunlight beaming in, is just incredible.

Decided not to hang around enjoying this bit of luxury for too long, as we wanted to try breakfast in the restaurant, which is only open for a limited period.

Greeted by a smartly dressed, friendly member of the restaurant staff who asked us if we would mind sharing a table with others, or waiting a while and just Claire and I sitting together. We chose the latter. I began to think my choice of t-shirt for the day, depicting the words “I love my Netherland Dwarf Rabbit more than I love most people”, was rather fitting in that situation.

Treated to lovely coffee, fresh orange juice, croissants and toast for breakfast. It was worth the wait.

Returned to our cabin, to find that it hadn’t been cleaned. I was also unfortunate enough to discover that the toilet would not flush. Unfortunate because I only realised the flush was broken, after I had used the facilities.

Leave the cabin, to allow our steward to clean it in peace. Make a diversion to the ship’s reception to report the toilet flush. Resisted temptation to assure the receptionist that the flush hadn’t stopped working because of what had gone into the toilet bowl.

Took a tour of the ship, making sure to stop at the gift shop to buy some goodies for those back home, as well as ourselves. A tad surprised to learn that we had somehow spent over £70 – all we had bought was some chocolate, sweets, a book about shipwrecks and some pressies.

Our travels also took us past a rather familiar sight – the lesson from the previous evening on operating a life jacket. A small selection of cruisers were sat down, while a member of the crew demonstrated what to do if the ship was to sink. Now, either these people enjoyed last night’s lesson so much, that they just had to attend another – or they were very naughty boys and girls, who had missed last night’s mandatory safety demonstration! The part of me who enjoys following rules, took great delight in seeing those who broke them get punished, like disobedient school children.

Spent Saturday afternoon having a very lazy, but very peaceful time, relaxing in our cabin and balcony. Given the fact that this cruise was for us both to relax, as opposed to have an action-packed adventure, I think we did the right thing.

Along with Claire, we watched all the results being announced across the country, in the hope we would discover how Bath City had done. No luck.

It was another trip to the buffet this evening for our evening meal. The main meal at the restaurant was a dish which included asparagus and quail egg. Not really our thing.

Instead of doing battle with the other diners, while trying to control a scooter and pick my own food, Claire kindly volunteered to collect a selection of dishes for the two of us.

Highlight of the meal was a smiling Irishman approaching me. “That’s a lovely badge!”, he exclaimed, while pointing to the Leeds United crest on the rear of my scooter. My new friend returned a while later, to ask if I thought Leeds would win the Yorkshire Derby against Barnsley tomorrow. “Hopefully”, was my reply. You can’t rely upon Leeds for anything.

Following our school dinner, we took another tour of the ship, including going onto one of the main decks, where we were able to admire the picturesque sea and sky.

Somehow managed to crash into my first victim using my scooter. The unlucky gentleman and I were both leaving a lift, when he stepped out in front of my moving scooter. We both apologised to each other – such a British thing to do!

Stayed on the lower deck, as we had been promised a talk from Captain Allen. The area quickly filled up with cruisers, all hoping to hear from the most important man on board (besides me). I was slightly surprised at the large turnout – it was not as if somebody really important had turned up, say, The Queen or Marcelo Bielsa.

Now back in the cabin. Discovered that Bath City had drawn 2-2 against Eastbourne Borough, and had slipped down the table.

The daily newsletter has informed us that due to essential maintenance, there will be intermittent power cuts throughout tomorrow morning, with all lifts being out of action for two hours, between 10am and Noon. Looks like we’ll be spending a bit more time on our balcony.

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