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Over the past few months, I have been using Spotify to build a huge playlist, containing hundreds of songs which I have heard at some point in my life and enjoyed.

I may have only heard a track once in a television advert and enjoyed it; likewise it could be a piece of music that I played to death.

The music could be from my early childhood, which I was introduced to by my parents; maybe it is something from my teenage years in the mid-to-late nineties; or it could just be a song released last week.

Unsurprisingly, the genres are diverse. I knew this would be the case, as I built my ever expanding playlist. However, it was while listening to Spotify on Friday at work (and yes, I was working!), that I realised just how varied my selections can be!

Here is a short list of what was played. The playlist was on shuffle, so in absolutely no order…

  1. Snoop Dogg – Lay Low
  2. Andrea Bocelli – Ven a Mi
  3. The Church – Under the Milky Way
  4. Family Guy – The FCC Song
  5. Elton John – Can You Feel the Love Tonight
  6. K’NAAN – Wavin’ Flag (Coca Cola Celebration Mix)
  7. Cast – Walkway
  8. The Dubliners – Lord of the Dance

Quite a range, huh?

I especially liked the fact the first two tracks couldn’t have been more different, besides the fact they are both duets.

The first track, Lay Low, is from that famous gangsta rapper, Snoop Dogg. He is joined by the late Nate Dogg, to rap about guns, drugs and bitches. Somehow, I don’t think they were talking about their pet dog… or doggel.

Can I just point out, that the name “Dogg” really upset the auto complete function on my smartphone. Shame Snoop and Nate didn’t think of that when picking their rap alias, some thirty years ago .

This rather violent and coarse example of rap was followed by one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard, and one of my favourite tracks to be released in recent years.

Andrea Bocelli is joined by his son, Matteo, in Ven a Mi, which translates to Fall on Me. The song is beautiful and I loved the collaboration between father and son.

Fall on Me left me wanting to replay the entire track, but I let the playlist continue. Despite personally choosing every track, I was hoping not to get another offering of gangsta rap.

The tranquil vocals of Andrea and Matteo Bocelli had left me feeling as if I was floating on a cloud, so going from that to listening to Eminem screaming about how he hates his “mom” and wife, would be a little disturbing.

Mercifully,  Spotify played me The Church – an indie rock band – with a Under the Milky Way. I remained calm. Shame the next track was from the Family Guy television series…

If I feel like it will make an interesting addition to my blog (even if it’s only of interest to me!), I may start posting the random tracks which Spotify serves up for me. Please don’t get too excited – I probably won’t bother…

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