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I have had to attend another, somewhat more important event.

As the news websites say…

More to follow…

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A bit of a different blog tonight. I noticed this Q&A thing on Twitter. I often ignore them, believing that they are more suited to Facebook (so obviously something to give a wide berth).

In this instance, I filled it out for your enjoyment  🙂

1. I don’t have one. Good start.
2. I was never tall, but am now considerably shorter.
3. Blue.
4. Blonde with a subtle, yet increasing hint of grey.
5. One sister. One brother.
6. I read a lot online, but have developed a passion for audiobooks.
7. I’ve only room for one lady in my life. Also, “crush”? I’m not eight.
8. Happily married.
9. Straight.
10. Football. Along with all the stats and geeky facts most people would find incredibly boring.
11. I haven’t entered a shop for a very long time. Therefore, it has to be that evil, tax-dodging empire, Amazon.
12. Losing control of the ability to breathe.
13. Rabbit.
14. I’m not giving this response because Claire could read this, but I honestly don’t currently have one. In my younger days, I used to have an eye for Gillian Anderson. Didn’t all young, male X Files fans?
15. Luciano Becchio. Did wonders during his time at Leeds. Is also blessed in the looks department.
16. Pizza restaurant. Matinee performance in the cinema. Then home.
17. Not sure what a “comfort character” is. I suppose Peter Rabbit.
18. Not one individual. I’ve reached an age where I have many people in my life who are close and dear to me.
19. Within the last month. I became distressed over my ongoing health problems.
20. Yes. Definitely.
21. Bunnies!
22. Leeds United and Bath City.
23. White or a calm, soothing yellow.
24. Venus Flytrap. It’s a plant that eats bugs alive!
25. My wife. Where do I begin? Her unconditional love. She’s incredible. I love her. My parents, especially in recent years, have also become very important to me.
26. Not at all.
27. To be able to reach a state where I can manage my health problems, and live a life with Claire that is as normal as possible.
28. Any title in the Grand Theft Auto series.
29. Too many! Lighthouse Family. Dire Straits. Kaiser Chiefs. Wurzels. Lightning Seeds. Oasis.
30. It’s impossible to choose. That Baby Shark song, I suppose.
31. Nope. Never will.
32. My wifey.
33. All good babe! When they go b…
34. I like to think that I treat others in the way I would like to be treated.
35. Has to be Jaws.
36. Relatives who have passed away.
37. Honestly? I am happy where I am now. Living with my wife in a home we own.
38. Don’t have one.
39. York, the place of my birth. Elland Road, Leeds. A lovely cruise ship.
40. I enjoy both equally.

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