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A little festive tradition of mine since 1999 has been to listen to a very special CD full of Christmas music. You won’t find any Fairytales of New York, or songs about Little Drummer Boys, on my compilation, though.

My favourite Christmas CD is somewhat different – the South Park compilation Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics.

Favourite tracks of mine include Merry F**king Christmas, where South Park Elementary’s Mr. Garrison teaches the kids a lesson on religions from across the world.

Another great track is the sick and twisted Dead, Dead, Dead where we are all reminded of our own mortality, in a disturbing festive style.

Fans of the TV series will no doubt be familiar with the classic Lonely Jew at Christmas, as well as the hilarious Christmas Time in Hell.

Eric Cartman is on form with two solo efforts – Oh Holy Night and Swiss Colony Beef Log.

As the saying goes, this CD is available in all good music stockists (and some bad ones). But if you want to avoid the crowds, you could always buy if off the net. If you can’t wait and want it now, there are other ways [hint].

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Simon texted me this evening after noticing the front-page of The Independent newspaper. It looks like Al Gore is losing the plot again and trying to introduce mass panic across the world.

The newspaper reports that there is only one person to blame – Man Bear Pig; a terrible beast which is half man, half pig, half bear (or is it a pig-bear-man?).

A quote from the news story:
“We’re doomed; doomed I tell you – I’m super cereal! Manbearpig must be stopped, or we will all die by Christmas. Excelthior!!!”

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Did anyone see last weeks South Park? It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that in this latest episode the creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, pushed many boundaries and no doubt gave Comedy Central’s lawyers a major headache.

The “N Word” is used no less than 42 times, in a storyline packed with controversy. Still, in South Park fashion, it was very, very funny and a great start to the new season.

Before you start to worry that South Park has been taken over by The KKK or BNP, it’s not exactly what you think, and like with many episodes, has a special “I’ve learned something today” meaning.

The best line of the show has to be “From now on, if a person uses the word ‘ni**er’, it must be at least seven words away from the word ‘guy’” – just to avoid any offence :o)

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Not much to blog about this week, but thought I would write something before the weekend.

Firstly, any fan of video games from the 1990’s should check out OCR Remix. This website features an extensive collection of video game soundtrack remixes, composed by some very clever, gaming obsessed musicians. The Kong in Concert (taken from Donkey Kong Country) and Hedgehog Heaven (featuring music from Sonic 2) are especially impressive.

Secondly, after much persuasion demands from Daninthemix and I, my good friend Mr. White has finally set up a blog. His is somewhat different from mine and Dan’s. The title of his site ‘Bolloxed In Bath’, along with his reputation for liking the odd tipple should give you some indication as to what most of the blogs are all about.

And finally, with apologies to those who have already seen this, here is a link to last weeks South Park episode ‘Make Love not Warcraft’. Over the last 8 years, I have seen every episode of South Park and have to say this is quite possible the best one of the lot. You could even say it is the best piece of television ever put together in the world… of Warcraft.

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There is a growing opinion with many that The Simpson’s is past it, South Park is dying while Family Guy is becoming top dog in the adult cartoon field. It seems this has really pissed off the South Park’s creators who made a double length episode all about Family Guy, just shows how popular it is huh?

The show not only has a sly dig at Family Guy and its creators but the whole freedom of speech act itself, following those Muslim cartoons in Holland the other month.

The two episodes are very entertaining, the parodies of Family Guy are very well done and the cameo appearance by Bart Simpson is truly excellent.

Well done to the shows creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker for two excellent episodes. A comeback against South Park from the Family Guy creators is inevitable, I’ll look forward to that!

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