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I’m getting very slack and lazy with these blog updates – I’m not losing interest it’s just that I haven’t got round to blogging, if that makes any sense.

I must get out of this lazy streak, I’ve kept up this site up until now and am not prepared to let join the millions of other non-updated websites in The Internet Graveyard, like this totally random one!

So, Monday night I went bowling with my mum, brother and sister. Not normally the done thing on my part but my sister is off to America tomorrow for a break and my mum thought it would be nice for us all to do something together – you know what parents are like.

We went to Hollywood Bowl, the area was in no way unfamiliar to me as it is right next door to the Showcase Cinemas where I go most weeks. Like The Showcase Cinemas, I found out that Hollywood Bowl sell Ice Blasts. Feeling rather thirsty I went to order one.

The choices were Small for 85p and Regular for £1.25. Strange I thought, no large ones. Maybe the regulars are large and cheaper than the Showcase. Big mistake! Not only are they half the prize but half the size! I really dread to think what the Small 85p ones are!

Due to the size of the Small Ice Blast, its best consumed through a syringe

Now it’s not very often I talk about stories in the news on here, but some article caught my eye yesterday. It is the story of Ellen MacArthur and the record-breaking voyage around the world.

Now hundreds of thousands of people (if not more) have been singing this woman’s praises and in my opinion “Is all this all over the top and just another record?”

The reason I say this is because

1 – This was solely for personal gain, if she had been doing this for charity than great, but she didn’t.

2 – News reports compared this story to attempted achievements many years ago. This woman probably had more technology onboard than Apollo 11 had in 1969! Maybe I’m wrong, but I bet it’s a lot easier and safer nowadays.

3 – Almost every month there’s a new record for something like this, to me this is just another one that’ll be forgotten about by March and maybe shown by Angus Deayton on January 31st on a review of 2005.

I would like to say that what she did was a great PERSONAL achievement, I certainly couldn’t do it myself, but there is billions of people worldwide achieving equally as amazing tasks, surviving in terrible conditions, through awful diseases and disabilities while managing to live normal lives.

For them it isn’t a 71 day task like Ellen had, this is for the rest of their lives! These are the people who should receive praise for achievement.

I’m not criticising the people who admire Ellen MacArthur by any means, I just think it’s a little strange she has received so much recognition.

Not only does she have the technology of an astronaut, but she dresses like one too

Still on the subject of news, I read another story yesterday about a Welsh rugby fan who chopped off his bollocks after his country beat England in The Six Nations on Saturday.

According to reports, before kick off he told his mates in the pub that “If Wales beat England I’ll chop me nuts off!” After Wales won (c’mon it wasn’t hard – England were shite), the crazy Welshman went home, chopped off his manhood and staggered the 200 meters back to his local where he proudly showed off his missing genitalia before collapsing on the pub floor.

The bar maid collected his bollocks and put them in a pint glass full of ice. The man was then taken to hospital where he is said to be in a serious condition.

There are also unconfirmed reports that doctors were unable to find his penis and balls in the pub and believe they may have been mistaken for a bar snack.

This story has been doing the rounds all over the net and according to the fans on WACCOE it is far more interesting than both Ellen MacArthur’s record and the boring England friendly this evening.

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