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I did have a momentary spell of calm since Monday’s moan, but have my Victor Meldrew hat on again for another rant this evening. Get strapped in, this is going to be a long one…

I went to my bank earlier in the week (the same branch which caused me so much stress two months ago). All I went in for was to pay in a cheque. The woman behind the counter then started going on and on about making an appointment to meet my bank manager. When I politely, but firmly said NO, she started quizzing me on why I don’t want to save money. Talk about a red rag to a bull…

Firstly. I would have considered meeting my bank manager, BUT my lovely bank, who, according to their adverts are always so considerate to their customers’ needs, have changed their opening hours. Therefore, if I want to go into the building, I need to go in my lunch break as they’re now closed after I finish work.

Secondly, I don’t borrow money. I do not have a credit card nor do I use my overdraft. Therefore, how can they save me money? I did have one possible idea that the overpaid twat of a bank manager who, along with his other banking colleagues, have caused this country to be plunged into a recession, could forgo their massive bonuses for doing fuck all. Maybe if all the bankers wankers gave up their bonuses, the world may be in a (slightly) better state and we as a country wouldn’t be over taxed and face pay cuts and job losses.

Thirdly, the cash point at my bank rarely works. It’s a load of shit. However, I guess they’ll argue they’re saving me money, as by blocking access to my cash, I can’t spend it.

As you have probably guessed, I didn’t say all that inside the bank. I just walked away muttering something along the lines of “I’ll make sure I blog about this…”.

I’m off now to drink camomile tea, light some candles and listen to Enya. I need to calm down before bed.

Lot’s more swears in today’s blog – far more than Monday’s. Apologies to anyone who normally reads my site while at work, as the web filters have probably blocked it due to all the profanity.

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  1. Goatman

    January 28, 2011 - 10:38 pm

    Excellent blog Mr. K. “I don’t belieeeeve it!!”

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