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I’ve had a 3 day weekend. It was a rather productive one, too. Friday night, we went out with Claire’s parents to Bath Brew House. Claire had been before with her Mum and the place came highly recommended. I ordered a giant hot dog, which was dumped in a bun, surrounded by pulled pork. The way people go on about pulled pork, you would have thought it was food from heaven. Meh, it was alright. I’ll be honest, I left some of it. The sausage, however, was amazing. It was so smoky, it tasted like I was biting into and eating a live pig that had been caught on fire.

Saturday, was a trip to Bath City. The Romans haven’t had the greatest of starts to the season, having only won one game to date – away at Boreham Wood. I didn’t attend, which means I have seen 5 games, 4 defeats, 1 draw, 13 goals conceded, including one from an opposition goalkeeper, and just 2 goals scored. Whitehawk were the visitors. They are the latest tinpot club to have been discovered by a rich owner, who is happy to plough loads of money into them, to buy success, regardless of the fact they averaged fewer than 200 fans at home last season. What a nasty club they are! They spent more of the game on their arses, crying to the referee for free kicks, bookings for Bath City and anything else they felt they could claim for. This poor behaviour was at the same time as their manager, the vile Steve King, patrolled the pitch side (outside of his technical area), shouting and swearing at anybody and everybody. Whitehawk won the game 4-1. In nearly all instances, I would congratulate the winning side on their victory. Yes, it was deserved – they were the better side. But the manner of the defeat, which, in my opinion, demonstrated a huge lack of sportsmanship from their players, left a very bitter taste in my mouth. I never like to see football clubs struggle financially, and Whitehawk appear to be in a very wealthy position, but if their current owner(s) ever gets bored and the club is left in a perilous position, I won’t be crying any tears for them. So what about my club? Despite being bottom of the league, I am not too worried. I don’t think we’ll get relegated again. There are teams worse than us – unlike a few years ago, when we went down from The Conference Premier, when it was clear from the start that we were the weakest. Will we do well this season and compete for promotion? Sadly, I don’t think we will. The reason for this is we simply don’t have enough money. Bath City doesn’t have a wealthy backer. We can’t compete with the likes of Whitehawk financially. If City lose a player to injury or suspension, we just have to put up with it and struggle with fewer players. Affluent clubs just go and buy a replacement. Money is killing the game.

The calm before the storm

On Sunday we went for a drive to Minehead. We avoided the motorways, so enjoyed a scenic journey through the county of Somerset. We passed Wells, famous for its Cathedral and being the set for Hot Fuzz; Street, renowned for the huge shopping centre; and Bridgwater, which is able to boast being the most misspelt town in the world. It’s BRIDGWATER, not BRIDGEWATER. There is no E. The journey to Minehead is a lot longer than you would imagine – a five hour round trip. I told Claire this is more than a one way trip to Yorkshire and we could drive to watch Leeds United this season. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be driving to watch Leeds…

We ate out for a second time at the weekend, going to Jimmy’s World Grill, formerly known as Jimmy’s Spices. We don’t normally dine out this often; it’s just that we qualified for some free meals through our Tesco Clubcard. We’ve previously enjoyed our visits, but sadly, not so much last night. The choice of food wasn’t as great, although I did find a chicken curry which was lovely. On hindsight, I should have just loaded my plate with this, along with some rice, and not bothered with everything else. Dessert was also a disappointment. In the past, little pots of jelly used to be available. These were all missing. I had to settle for fruit and ice cream, as I certainly wasn’t going to use the chocolate fountain, as some disgusting fellow diner had been stood next to it for ages, dipping marshmallows into the flowing chocolate, shoving them into his mouth, before repeating the process with the same serving stick. I didn’t really want to catch Ebola, or whatever virus he may or may not have been carrying. Jimmy needs to deal with these uncouth yobs!

Plate #1 – very nice

Plate #2 – not so good. Much was left for the dogs.

Today was a day of rest, besides a bit of tidying I did in the house. There was a moment, which left me most annoyed. A month or so ago, we bought some solar-powered lights for our front garden. The lights have been working well at night, following a sunny day – less good when it’s been cloudy. However, one of our eight lights won’t be working at all now. It has been damaged – and I know who by… one of Her Majesty’s servants… the postman! How did I know the postie smashed our light? I saw him do it. At the time, I just thought he had kicked the light over, while taking a shortcut across our lawn. Upon investigation, later in the day, the damage became more apparent…

This is how they should look

This is how the broken one looks

I was not pleased with Postman Pat. Not pleased AT ALL…

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