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What a bloody marvellous way to spend a Sunday afternoon! In case you were wondering, I was being sarcastic. I appreciate that sarcasm doesn’t come across well over the internet.

As I write this, Claire and I find ourselves in the middle of a powercut. So that’s no television or films on the sofa. On the plus side, it also means no Love Island.

When this has happened in the past, I have done what every right-minded person does in an emergency – take to Twitter to find out what is going on and see if anyone else has the same problem.

For example, if you couldn’t access Facebook, you would search Twitter for the word “Facebook”, to read all the sad and emotional tweets from Facebook addicts, complaining that their lifeline to the outside world has been severed.

If you couldn’t find Mars Bars on sale in any of the supermarkets, you may search “Mars Bars”. Getting the idea?

I am sure that if the internet and Twitter had been in existence in 1912, passengers aboard the Titanic would have searched “sinking”, to see if the unsinkable ship was indeed sinking. Although, if the White Star Line charged as much as P&O for using a mobile phone at sea, the ill-fated tweeters may as well have thrown their iPhones overboard.

As I was saying, Twitter has been helpful during  previous powercuts, to learn if other people in the area are affected and how widespread the problem is.

During this latest loss of power, the big news story throughout the world is that the whole of Argentina and Uruguay are also without electricity. The way this story is being reported, you would have thought this was something of a major incident. I notice that Weston in Bath isn’t getting a mentioned by Reuters or Fox News! Typical.

Unfortunately for me, all these news reports concerning South America are clogging up Twitter, meaning that whenever I search for “powercut”, I only get results concerning the poor people of Argentina and Uruguay. I know exactly how they feel.

There have been some updates since I started writing this blog. Firstly, the electricity board have discovered there is a problem. Sadly, this diagnosis only extendeds to my street in Weston. I don’t think Western Power Distribution’s coverage extends to countries within South America.

The second update is that the power is now back! All of this drama took place in just under an hour.

I generally feel sorry for those people in Argentina and Uruguay, who still have no electricity; although at least they won’t have to endure Love Island this evening.

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