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A while ago, I blogged about some rather annoying neighbours, who have a habit of sneaking into other people’s bins, to place their own rubbish, because they have ran out of space in their own, due to their poor recycling habits.

Things took a turn for the worse last Friday, when a troubled Claire contacted me at work, to report that she had found something disgusting in our bin.

Granted, bins are not renowned for containing fluffy clouds, sweet-smelling flowers and cute bunnies; but what Claire found lurking at the bottom of ours took disgusting to a whole new level.

Amongst random bits of foodstuffs was a full baby’s nappy. It was a discovery my wife was livid to make – not least because, in order to dispose of the poo-filled parcel, she had to come into contact with it.

We believe that the nappy and other stowaway waste, found their way into our wheelie bin, either before the rubbish men emptied the contents into their lorry – meaning the nappy somehow clung onto the base of the bin – or the parcel of poop somehow fell onto the pavement, only for someone to throw it into our bin.

Whatever the case, it wasn’t our nappy, so shouldn’t have been our problem. Anyway, in response to Nappygate, I prepare to fan the flames of this (so far) very civilised episode of Neighbours From Hell, by attaching a notice to our bin, asking that people don’t place nappies in there.

I am hoping to guilt-trip the flytippers into not repeating their actions. Maybe they’ll become so guilty and embarrassed by getting found out, that they will have no choice but to move away from Weston and even Bath. Feeling forced to run away and never return.

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  1. lucy

    July 27, 2019 - 4:05 pm

    yes i know what you mean about those audition sob tales but glad u got watt u wanted. ! and hope it proves to be efficient….

    i watch v occasionally neighbours from hell. I don t watch it often cos its so sad – the problems never seem to resolve – the cameras remain whirring !
    And have u noticed its always in the least likely places that these things seem to escalate ? with the supremely manicured retirement estates often having the worst offenders.
    But seriously i hope your notice does sort things.

    i thought i might trigger an escalation of neighbourly conflict when i finally felt compelled to speak to my neigh bour who has really infuriating habit or obsession of coming into my garden and pruning (to the ground) my shrubs. Before i moved in – he entered my garden (not officially mine – its landlords) and cut down an oak tree . Your mum will heard this tale of mine many a time! As have many others!
    thankfully he has now ceased in his habits since we had words –

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