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Who else has seen that television advert for Amazon Alexa?

Let me jog your memory…

Those of you who have already seen it on television, will have probably noticed a major difference with this version…

The woman’s American! Originally, I thought this was a dubbed version of the UK advert, but considering it appeared on YouTube almost a year old, it looks like us Brits have the edited one.

Sorry. It was the only version I could find online. Forgive me.

Accent dubbing is not what brought me to blog about this advert – or should that be ‘commercial’?

I have to take issue with a few factors…

Mother wakes up. Her daughter is outside kicking a football against the side of the house. It’s twenty to five in the bloody morning!


I pity their poor neighbours. They will have all been woken up in the middle of the night by some Lucy Bronze wannabe, kicking her ball against the side of the house.

The mother is just as bad. A good parent would be demanding her stroppy teenage daughter “pack it in”, stop throwing a hissy fit and come inside at once. Stop disturbing the entire street!

But no, the daft cow only turns on the garden security light, causing an illumination so bright that it can be seen from outer space.


I think that as viewers, we are encouraged to believe that this is a heartwarming story, of a mother’s support for her soccer-crazed daughter, trying to be the best, in a sport still dominated by nasty, sexist men… or something like that.

In her quest to help her daughter, what’s the mother going to ask Alexa to do next? Play Lose Yourself, by Eminem at full volume, just because footballers would listen to it before a match in 2004? If they don’t already, that’ll be one way to ensure the entire street hates her.

I have some annoying neighbours myself. The lady who has recently moved in next door is renovating the entire property. Given the amount of time the builders are taking and the noise generated, it would have been quicker and easier had the entire house been demolished and rebuilt.


Then there is the strange man down the road. I’ve mentioned him on here before. He puts his shit-filled nappies in our bin and blocks our driveway, with one of his numerous vehicles. He also has a yappy pug dog.

Despite living in such close proximity to these undesirable individuals, it is far preferable to that of being a neighbour of this ‘soccer mom’ and her teenage brat.


I think we can all agree that the daughter is a moody moo. Fancy returning home, ignoring your family and slamming doors.

Although totally unacceptable from the girl, most of the blame for her ill-behaviour should fall at the feet of the mother. The woman is so lazy. She can’t even be bothered to look at the clock to check the time – instead, opting to ask a machine.

It’s no surprise to me that the girl had to attend football practice on her own. Amazon are yet to develop a version of Alexa, capable of accompanying children to sporting events and there was little chance of this bone-idle parent getting off her arse and making the effort.

To conclude, I think we can all agree that if you own an Alexa device, it makes you an inconsiderate neighbour and a pretty bad parent.

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