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With COVID-19 appearing to have taken over the planet and absolutely nothing else seemingly mattering to anyone anymore, I am struggling to find anything blogworthy.

As with some of my previous posts, for personal and historical purposes, I’ll give a brief summary of my current situation…

Before I start, sorry if the below comes across as me wallowing in self-pity. That is not my intention. I can’t stand defeatism.


I am aware that millions of people have been affected in one way or another by this outbreak and hundreds of thousands are unwell as a result. Many more have been told not to turn up to work – despite being fit and well – therefore receiving no income.

I am not infected. I have a nice house where I can self-isolate and continue to receive an income. Forgetting all my other health issues, I am one of the lucky ones…

  • Claire is back at work and I am still off work. I am jealous she is able to do her job and I can’t. I also miss her.
  • I cannot get downstairs without supervision, so have no choice but to lie in bed all day and all night. I feel like I am in hospital.
  • The television in the bedroom is well and truly fudged, so I can’t even watch that.

  • I was forced to use the commode yesterday. A ghastly ordeal and one which I had to do alone.
  • Since returning to bed from using the commode, my left shoulder/upper arm has been giving me discomfort.
  • I don’t believe the aches are from the site of the original break, but I am really scared that I have caused damage and set my recovery back months.
  • There is not a cat in hell’s of me even considering going for an x ray. Due to the fact I am classed as ‘at risk’, it would be crazy to leave the house.
  • As for going to A&E – I might as well French kiss an infected coronavirus patient and start digging myself a hole in the nearest cemetery.
  • Thankfully, my dad is a retired GP and believes that my complaint is muscular, although wants me to contact my own GP if things do not improve.

One Response to A Kingdom Of Isolation

  1. lucy

    March 19, 2020 - 11:55 am

    ah sean. not a good day….no u don t sound defeatest just having balls up day, with everything colliding together on personal level on top of everything else ….i hope u can get help getting your tv replaced soon.
    i do hope your aches are just muscular. as u said you d been doing a lot of “small steps ” recently…
    the timing of claire back at work must be very hard.
    i hope you can find a manageable solution …
    regarding sanitiser , i ve heard soap is as good of which i have some to spare….if u did need some let me know.
    as of now i hear that stopping people bulk buying so hopefully stores stock up.

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