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I read how the recent daily death toll from COVID-19 has dropped. I still find the numbers disgusting high, but made my feelings on that matter perfectly clear yesterday.

While any reduction in fatalities is positive, I am concerned that people will get complacent and see this an excuse to return to normality. Claire told me how #lockdownends was trending on Twitter.

At the time of blogging, ‘Lenient Lockdown’ is still very much in place. I call it that because of the comparison between how the British authorities handle those who break the rules, compared to the Spanish…

British Police: “Excuse me, chaps. Sorry to interrupt your picnic, but I really must ask you to return homes… please… once you’ve finished your scotch egg, of course.”

Policia Español: “¡Vete a la mierda, malditos coños! De lo contrario, mi perro te matará!”

The Spanish police are far more efficient than our PC Plum. They are also a lot more crude. If you don’t speak Spanish and wish to know what is written above, translators are available online – but probably best not to ask Alexa to tell you, especially while little Timmy is in earshot!

Along with the #lockdownends trend, I have also read suggestions that our government may easing restrictions. For fucks sake…

This news is being celebrated (not by me). Ironically, those rejoicing the most are the individuals disobeying lockdown, anyway!

There were absolutely loads of people enjoying the hills and fields behind our house, yesterday. This included some large groups, of which I would be surprised if they all lived in the same household.

Any budding entrepreneur, hoping to cash in on the pandemic, should park an ice cream van in one of the fields. There is a killing to be made there – sadly, quite literally.

The road separating our garden from the fields was also incredibly busy with traffic. I thought that driving was only permitted in the event of the journey being essential. That’s a lot of essential travel!

Claire even spotted two cars stop and park, only for a female passenger to get out of one vehicle and enter the other. Where do you even begin to justify that?

All this was happening very close to midday. If I was to be sceptical, I would say that a lot of people were going out for Sunday lunch. Roast chicken, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, veg and a generous portion of COVID-19. De-lic-ious!

Our neighbours are just as bad. I refer to the family I have blogged about many times before. They park their many vehicles without consideration for others, let their annoying dog run wild and put their own excess rubbish in other residents’ wheely-bins.

Yesterday afternoon, they made numerous trips to their two cars, with the entire family in tow. They even received visitors of their own – visitors they had no hesitation in inviting into their home. I guess what they lack in common sense, they make up for in manners to their in-laws.

I have reached the point where I can no longer be concerned for those who break lockdown rules. We have all been made aware of the dangers of contracting the virus and have been told to remain at home.

I think of those people in the same way I do smokers. With pity. Of course, I want them to live a long and healthy life, remaining disease-free. But we all know that smoking over 20 fags a day will never end well. I cannot worry for smokers, as I cannot change their ways.

It is the same with those who are ignoring lockdown. The more they mix with people from outside of their homes, the greater the risk of catching the deadly virus.

The major difference between smokers and the lockdown law-breakers, is that apart from second-hand smoke (a lot less common since 2007), smokers are only putting themselves at risk.

You don’t need me to explain how contracting and passing on COVID-19 works. Suffice to say, the individuals who decide to break lockdown and go for a Sunday stroll with friends, may not develop any symptoms of the virus themselves. This isn’t to say that they will not play a major role in transmitting the killer bug to others, who have chosen to remain at home.

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