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I honestly didn’t think that people could be this stupid and uneducated. The two videos are like something from a comedy sketch show.

I know, I know… I shouldn’t laugh at these people, but it’s all I have left, as far as Brexit is concerned…

“We don’t have any laws!”

Right, I’m off to rob Asda, before shoplifting becomes a crime.


“Which rules (will Britain get back)?”
“… I dunno!”

Personally, I’m hoping for a rule preventing the British public from ever making a decision again.


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Now that this video has been released and there is no way on Earth that Katie Hopkins can deny she is anything but a massive racist, I hope that her already dwindling media career comes to an abrupt end.

I don’t wish to sound unkind and see anyone lose their job*, but when somebody is given a platform to preach hate and get paid for it, I am unable to wish them anything but abject failure in their chosen venture.

Of course, should Ms. Hopkins decide to pursue an alternative career – whether it be cleaning public toilets or becoming the CEO of a major ethical corporation – I would wish her well.

If you watch the video below, especially her venomous acceptance speech, it is clear that she possesses an awful lot of hatred towards many groups of harmless people.

Can anyone have a truly happy life, while harbouring so much hatred? It almost makes me feel sorry for her. Perhaps all she needs is a hug – not that she’ll be getting one from me.

*OK, besides racists, over the years I may have blogged of my desires to see certain members of the following professions be issued with a P45… Former Leeds United and England managers, Prime Ministers and Tory MPs, editors and journalists from The Sun newspaper, football referees. All fair game, I am sure you will agree.

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Today is clearly a sad day.

However, after giving much thought into leaving the EU, I have come to the conclusion that things are not all bad.

So, for everyone worried and upset about Britain no longer being a member of the European Union, I have created a list of positives, in what I like to call…

Sean’s Brexit Benefits

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If any of my readers do not have a faith, maybe now is the time to find one.

With the Tories guaranteed to be in charge for many years to come, it seems like an appropriate moment to start praying.

Atheists will argue that relying upon a higher-being to save the country, is simply blind hope – but surely the same can be said when it comes to expecting Boris to do anything positive.

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Sadly, but unsurprisingly, it looks like I’ll be going to sleep with Boris the Buffoon running the country, and waking up to the news that he is still attempting to run it.

I do wonder where all his support comes from. The majority of people I know are like me, in that they despise anything Tory. Maybe I subconsciously choose not to associate with Conservative lovers.

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