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This is number two of the ‘365 Blog Ideas‘. I think that I spent a bit too long on yesterday’s post. I would estimate from start to finish, I dedicated 4 hours of my time. That’s far too long!

This is a list of things that make me happy…

  • Hearing rain and wind, while I’m in bed
  • The smell of a freshly cleaned house
  • The dark Autumn and Winter evenings
  • My wife saying “I love you” to me
  • Saturday morning lie ins, after a long week
  • Random acts of kindness
  • That first fresh coffee of the morning
  • Freshly washed bedsheets
  • Good quality ice cream
  • Lottery scratch cards
  • Buying Christmas and birthday presents
  • Receiving Christmas and birthday presents
  • Freshly cut grass
  • A clearout of unwanted clutter at home
  • Remembering I own a home with my wife
  • My rabbit skipping in the air with delight
  • Putting up the Christmas tree
  • Fridays at work
  • Tubes of Pringles
  • Helping people
  • Feeling sleepy, while cosy in bed
  • Cushions
  • Replaying video games from my childhood
  • Learning about overseas countries
  • An ice lolly on a very hot day
  • Feeling I’ve done a good day at work
  • That new car smell
  • Views of the English countryside
  • Netherlamd Dwarf rabbits
  • Hot chocolate on cold or wet afternoons
  • Hearing old great songs I had forgotten about
  • Unexpected kisses from my wife
  • Exploring our cabin at the start of a cruise
  • Coffee cake
  • Browsing my movie and TV series collection
  • Hearing owls hooting at night
  • Random acts of affection from my rabbit
  • Spaghetti and homemade tomato sauce with cheese
  • Candles
  • The feeling of freedom from my mobility scooter
  • Putting real effort into a blog post
  • That first Cadburys Creme Egg of the year
  • Getting an anticipated video game on its release date
  • The smell of fresh hay
  • Railways
  • Disney movies from my childhood
  • Sharing an entire packet of trifle with my wife
  • Updating my football results spreadsheets
  • Remember I have the gift of life
  • Random contact from a friend
  • David Attenborough’s voice
  • Going to bed early
  • Finishing my Christmas shopping early
  • Wedding Day memories
  • The feeling of my head after a haircut
  • Getting a new mobile phone
  • A good curry
  • Feeling clean and fresh after a shower
  • The morning after a big win for Leeds or Bath City
  • My wife relaxing me, by stroking my back and head
  • Relaxing my wife, by stroking her back and head
  • Rewatching a favourite film or TV series
  • Manchester United losing
  • Hearing good news
  • The smooth skin on my face, after a good shave
  • Slush Puppies
  • Discovering an incredible audiobook
  • Real Italian pizza
  • WhatsApp messages from my sister living in Spain
  • Playing arcade 2p machines with my wife
  • Smelling pleasant aftershave on myself
  • Krispy Kreme doughnuts
  • When my wife buys me small, unexpected gifts
  • Watching old BBC comedies with my wife

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