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Posted by sean on 29/04/2016 at 11:28 am in Website Stuff with No Comments

12 years old this week.

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As you’ll know, as you’re reading this, my website address is Years and years ago, it was Despite changing the website name and address, I kept, so anyone with this old address would be redirected here.

I’ve now received an email, telling me is about to expire. To renew the domain costs money. Money I would rather spend on better things like DVDs, Wii U games and cake. I like cake. I don’t like giving companies money to run my website – people should be paying me to blog! I have to make a stand! Less money for the domain sellers and more money for Mr. Kipling!

I fully expect someone else to buy my address when it runs out and probably use it for selling dodgy stuff. Do I care? Not really. If any of my readers are still going through the old way, they deserve to find themselves on the Dark Web – you never know, a dodgy site will probably be better than this blog…

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Blogging can be very addictive. I should know. I started this blog in 2004 – over 11 years ago. Unfortunately, while it can be a very addictive hobby, it’s also something which is very easy to neglect. A bit like a house plant or a dog. The longer the abandonment lasts, the more the blog/plant/dog deteriorates, making it less of an incentive to invest time in the thing.

Don’t worry. Firstly, I don’t own a dog (although I do own a rather poorly looking houseplant). Also, I’m not going to stop blogging. I’ll really, really try to get back to blogging the usual rubbish stories and tired jokes. Hurray.

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After many hours of hard labour, I have finally finished categorising every single blog post I have made since 2004. I feel like a librarian. You can see all my handy work on the right of the screen. Read it and weep. Now that has all been done, I can get back to boring you all daily with pointless blogs – much like this one…

The new Leeds United and Bath City shirts, ahead of the start of the football season this Saturday!

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I am sure you are all extremely worried about my wellbeing, especially after my last blog where I stated 

By the way, if there is no blog from me tomorrow, it is probably because the world has been hit by a meteorite, a la Armageddon , as today’s post has pissed off all the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the universe. They’ll all be dead too, but at least they can say “I told you so”

Given that this was written on Sunday, a whole FOUR DAYS ago, I bet you all thought I was dead or worse, the world had ended. I am pleased to report that I have not died and as far as I am aware, the world is still very much spinning.

The reason for zero updates is no laziness. I have been putting a lot of work into updating my blog behind the scenes. Firstly all the very old entries now have titles (albeit a time stamp). Every blog is also being assigned a category, which will make filtering past and future posts very easy (which I am sure will delight you all).
I may blog a real blog later, I may just do some more categories. I may do BOTH. Aren’t you lucky people!

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