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Posted by sean on 03/02/2013 at 10:15 pm in Leeds United with No Comments

The other week, I placed an order from the Leeds United online megastore. While they managed to successfully deliver my long-sleeved away shirt, 1989/90 Season Review DVD, “Arsenè Wenger style” winter coat, beer tankard and latte mug, they failed to provide two pin badges I requested.

They sent a follow up email advising that due to stock supplies, they would not be able to provide me with the badges and that part of the order would unfortunately be cancelled. This happened on the same day Leeds sold their 127th player to our feeder club, Norwich City. Luciano Becchio the latest rat to exit the sinking ship.

I replied the commercial department….

Thanks for letting me know. The rest of the order arrived ok on Saturday.

I wish Leeds United were as good at preventing player sales to Norwich City as they are at stopping the sale of pinbadges to fans.

I am still awaiting a reply.

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