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This is the first time I have visited Cartagena. Claire has been before, and assures me that it is a long walk from the portside into the Spanish side.

Decided to have a day on the balcony, so order breakfast in the cabin. Sitting on the deckchair above the picturesque port, listening to the distant sound of Spanish guitar, while enjoying fresh orange juice, coffee and pastries was bliss.

Joined by Rapesh, our cabin steward, who was itching to clean our room. We are normally out when he does he daily amazing job, and today I saw just how much effort he puts into his work.

Left our cabin early afternoon and made the very long walk to the opposite end of the ship. I was determined to do what I was unable to do yesterday – meet Peter Andre. Started to queue outside the Live Lounge bar – some of my fellow passengers were already waiting – with an hour until the door opened.

By the time the bar opened, there was a massive queue of Peter Andre fans, all as desperate as me to meet their 90’s idol. As I was one of the first ones to turn up, I was able to meet the unofficial king of pop first. Peter was lovely and a perfect gentlemen. He must have thanked me for coming for than I thanked him for signing his autograph. A fellow fan took a photo of Peter and I, with my mobile. Unfortunately, it was an awful effort and only managed to capture me staring at the floor. One of the ship’s official photographers also managed to capture the Bromance moment, so hopefully that will come out well… although I’ll need to pay an arm and a leg for it.

This evening’s meal was a great improvement on be previous night’s offering, including a unique apple and celery soup, stir fry and strawberry sorbet. It has become a running joke with my party that I will only order sorbet for dessert.

The restaurant was also where I encountered possibly the rudist man in the entire world. He was sat on the table opposite us and I observed his conversation with a waiter, taking his drinks order. The restaurant did not have the beverage he asked for, so the man, with no pleasantries asked the waiter to leave the restaurant and go to a cocktail bar, to find the drink he required. Furthermore, when his meal arrived – presumably from the kitchens and not some bistro offshore – he asked the waiter to add pepper to his dish. I had to double take and ensure his fingers, hands and arms were working! Why couldn’t he season his own dish? Needless to say, I refrained from following the man into the bathroom, as I would probably be asked to wipe his bum.

Currently sat in the Headliners Theatre, waiting for Peter Andre’s live show. Like earlier, we arrived very early. It was worth it. We have front row seats…

The performance was as good as I hoped. Peter was fantastic in entertaining the crowd. The majority of the songs were covers, ranging from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to Frank Sinatra. The best, however, was saved until the end of the night, when he performed the hit that he is most famous for – Mysterious Girl.

Along with the rest of the theatre, I returned to the cabin thoroughly entertained after one of the most enjoyable evenings aboard the ship.

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