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Posted by sean on 01/08/2018 at 10:39 pm in Rabbits with No Comments

Poor Roman! Our little cherub has been feeling very sorry for himself. Yesterday, he visited the vets to receive a present that all male pets fear… the snip. That’s right, Roman has now been neutured.

Last night, we were quite concerned about our beloved bunny. Despite bring assured by the vets that such behaviour was normal post-op, Roman’s withdrawn and dazed demeanour was very worrying.

Roman is the most active and interested rabbit I have ever owned. He’s also incredibly greedy. He wasn’t eating either! Claire kindly took the night shift; checking on Roman’s well-being at midnight and again at 2am. On checking him for a second time, Claire discovered, to our relief, that he had eaten some of his food and also pooped. He was refusing to poo up until that point.

Throughout today, Roman has been generally quiet and picking at the contents of his food bowl. This evening, however, Roman appears to be returning to his old self. He is hopping around his cage, munching hay and taking an interest in his human parents.

Having Roman neutured is fully justified. Had we not booked him in for the procedure, we would have a horny rabbit to look forward to, every few months, spraying urine all over our front room. Rabbits are also prone to many cancers, with males who have not been neutered facing a 75% chance of developing testicular cancer. Still, it’s sad that in taking away Roman’s balls, he has also lost his sex drive. To think, he will never appreciate the Cadbury bunny…

I hope that Roman will continue to recover from his ordeal overnight. I also hope that he forgets what was “taken” from him, during his visit to the vets – otherwise, we’ll have one hot cross bunny on our hands!

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