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It’s been a while since I last blogged properly so except this entry to be very long…

I went to see The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy last night. It was very well cast, funny and entertaining, I enjoyed it a lot.

I’m following the whole Hitchhikers collection in a strange order. I originally intended to see the film, the series and read the books. So far I have seen the film, bought the DVD of the series, watched the first two episodes, bought the first book of the five part trilogy (yes ‘five part trilogy’) but am yet to read it. I will get through them all as I am really enjoying the series and the film was great.

Something else I noticed today was the DVD release of The Lone Gunmen, a spin off series from the excellent X-Files. I really don’t know how I failed to see this had been released at the end of last month as I’ve been keen on getting hold of this for some time. It’s been ordered and should be with me soon. Unlike most series box sets it’s of a very reasonable price of £17.99.

For those of you not in the know, the series follows ‘The Lone Gunmen’. Mulder’s geekey mates from TheX-Files. It is very good and am very surprised it was cancelled after just one season.

TV Company Fox really seem to have a problem with quality broadcasting. Not only did they cancel The Lone Gunmen, they continue to commission The Simpsons even though the new episodes are nothing like what they used to be, in fact they are now like a poorly aged relative who has lost all dignity and stinks of shit.

A Fox show that was cancelled has finally been re-commissioned. Family Guy, in my opinion the greatest cartoon comedy ever, far better than both Simpsons and South Park.

The new series is officially aired in the US tomorrow night (it should be on UK screens soon), I’ve managed to see the very first episode of the new series and must say it is hilarious, it certainly hasn’t lost its original quality.

Moving on from films & TV, it’s been a really nice day today, hopefully the weather will continue as it’s a three day weekend. As Leeds weren’t playing I decided to enjoy the weather and sit out in the garden. While outside I saw the coolest hot air balloon ever, it was the talking, nodding dog from the Churchill Insurance TV ads (except surprisingly it wasn’t talking or nodding)

Lastly, a new idea I have had for the end of ever month… As the website owner, I can view statistics about visitors (like you!) to my website. These statistics include how many visitors I get a day, what sites they access my site from and search strings.

A search string is used for visitors who access via a search engine like Google. It shows me what was typed in to the search engine which lead the visitor to my website.

Search strings are funny as they often don’t reflect the websites content at all! The reason for this is because most search engines search the whole textual content of a webpage based upon the users search request.

Here’s my Top 10 for April…

1. shampoo david beckham uses
2. Paula radcliffe pissing pic
3. stephanie mcintosh pussy
4. smartcar crash
5. good neighbours leeds
6. Alex Ferguson a role model
7. ray liotta soundboards
8. taking the back cover phone nokia 6230
9. daylight saving makes mornings darker
10. fat andy

I think this just proves that most people who use the internet are insane!

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