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Sky One’s football drama Dream Team is on its penultimate episode tonight and it looks set to be the best episode of the season so far. Previews and synopsises for the episode suggest that a major character will be killed in a typical fashion for the series.

For those of you not in the know Dream Team is a footballing drama series on Sky One. It is absolutely nothing like the ITV1 offering, Footballers’ Wives. The storylines are better, the acting is better, quite simply it is a quality television programme.

The question all DT fans are asking though is who will be killed and who will be the killer? There are so many different possibilities and I am sure it will not be the obvious choice.

Here are a few shots of the preview for the upcoming episode

Possible candidates for the murderer….

DON BARKER – Former Harchester United manager who left the club in disgrace. Still seeks revenge on those who drove him out.

VIVIAN “JAWS” WRIGHT – Harchester’s player manager. Has a history of mental health problems. His ex-wife left him after having an affair with one of his team mates. Jaws always believed the player sleeping with his wife was Clyde Connelly who committed suicide in December. In tonight’s episode Jaws will learn that Clyde was not the man cheating with his wife, Ryan Nay-Smith was and the team knew this all along.

KARL FLETCHER – A Harchester United legend. Was bribed by Barker to poison a team mate. This all went wrong and Karl’s fiancée got poisoned instead (she survived). Karl is facing attempted murder charges thanks to Don Barker.

Possible candidates for the murder victim….

DON BARKER – Don has wrecked many lives of his former players and their wives/girlfriends. He certainly doesn’t seem long for this world.

VIVIAN “JAWS” WRIGHT – Jaws will be angry with the news he is set to hear, very angry. His team mates know he is unstable. Will Jaws be killed in an attempt to stop him hurting somebody else?

KARL FLETCHER – The favourite to die, especially as the synopsis reads “And Harchester loses a legend. *Demise Of A Major Character*”.

RYAN NAY-SMITH – An obvious choice. Betrayed Jaws by having an affair with his partner. Jaws once suspected Ryan of this and threatened to kill him at the time, now that Jaws knows for sure Ryan must surely be on the hit list.

Of course it is very rarely who you suspect it to be, so all these speculations are probably wrong. The only way to find out is to watch Dream Team, tonight on Sky One.

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