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I have just watched the worst performance by the English National Team that I have ever seen! They have lost 1-0 to Northern Ireland, a team of Championship and League One players.

The England players (of so called “Premiership quality”) did not have clue what they were doing and were all over the place. There are many people to blame for this and need to be addressed NOW!

David Beckham – Useless nancy boy

Firstly David Beckham. Beckham is past it. He is not a leader of men, he is a pathetic, self-obsessed feeble man. Not only should his captaincy be revoked but he should be dropped from the English side altogether. Since he scored the penalty against Argentina in the 2002 World Cup something inside Beckham’s brain snapped and he became a shadow of his former self. Beckham should give up football and become a house husband allowing Posh Spice to revive her music career. Posh may be a bad singer but Beckham is a terrible England Captain.

Frank Lampard – Totally overpaid and useless

Frank Lampard. I used to like Lampard but this season he has been awful for both England and Chelsea. It appears over the summer that Lampard has turned into a greedy, lazy waste of space. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich keeps injecting sickening amounts of money into Lampard’s bank account. In a sad tale of greed Lampard has been ruined. Steven Gerrard is going the same way and has nothing to be pleased about following today’s performance.

Wayne Rooney – A thug who belongs in prison

Wayne Rooney. What can I say apart from the fact that his player is a despicable human being. He is a rude, arrogant and totally disrespectful young man who in my opinion does not deserve to play for England. This thugs uncontrollable temper which lead to a yellow card being issued means he will miss the next game against Austria – good and how dare Rooney swear at Beckham for warning him for his behaviour! Rooney’s behaviour makes me feel sick and I will be pleased to see his name absent from the next team sheet.

Jack Straw – please revoke this mans work permit and send him back to Sweden

Sven the manager. If any time was right for him to leave it is now. I simply cannot see how The FA can justify keeping the man in a job. The fans hate him, the media hates him and ex-England players hate him. Any remaining supporters Sven had earlier today have surely had enough. I still believe England will get into the World Cup but what is the point in going with Sven as manager? If we can’t beat Northern Ireland how the hell can we beat the likes of Brazil? I really can’t see what Sven is thinking? Has he been taking drugs? Has he had an accident suffering brain damage? Why the hell did Sven decide to play Rooney, who although a disgusting human being, is one of England’s best strikers in midfield – it’s madness, absolute madness!

David Healy – Scored the winner today, he plays for Leeds you know!!!

Many congratulations to the Northern Ireland team, they fully deserved it! Special congratulations to David Healy, the LEEDS UNITED striker who scored the winner for his side. Leeds manager Kevin Blackwell must play Healy on Saturday, I’m going to the game and will certainly join in the inevitable standing ovation he will receive. HEALY! HEALY! HEALY! I was so proud as a Leeds fan to see him run past the likes of Rio Ferdinand and stick a blinder past Paul Robinson.

At least there’s one decent English team

One last point, I even thought about removing the “Three Lions” badge from the left hand column of the site in disgust. I have decided to keep it but not for the football players. It is being displayed for the cricket players who begin the fifth and final Ashes test tomorrow. Lets bring them home boys! Show those pathetic footballers how it’s done!

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