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I downloaded the demo for Fifa 10 on Thursday. I don’t play many video games, but when I do, I play them all the way through, and for many months. Along with Grand Theft Auto, the Fifa series is one of these games I commit a large percentage of my life to.

Therefore, I was very keen to download the demo of the game, which is set to be released in 3 weeks time. Not only do I get to see all the new features Fifa 10 has to offer, but I get to train myself on the new controls and game play – you could say the demo is like my pre-season friendlies.

So, here are my initial impressions…

Taking crosses on older versions seemed to make it into the box more often than I would deem realistic. On Fifa 10, I noticed a lot of my crosses were intercepted with more intelligence from the opposition.

Players take quick free kicks, surprising the opposition – just like in real life. I like.

Another plus point that I noticed was that the stronger, quicker players were not able to tear straight through the defence, like a hot knife though butter. This has been a major problem in all versions of Fifa, and makes the game totally unrealistic. Hopefully this issue has been resolved in the finished product.

While playing against the computer, I noticed the opposition produce some absolutely lush, long passes. It was like playing David Beckham in his hayday. If only I could work out how to do these myself…

The graphics have improved a lot. It is still obvious you’re playing a video game and not watching a Ford Super Sunday (or whatever Sky call it nowadays), but Electronic Arts are getting close and closer to reality with every annual edition.

The game plays quick, but not unrealistically and annoyingly so. If I have any criticism of the previous versions of Fifa, it would be that they’re too slow. Fifa 10 appears to flow a lot quicker and smoother.

Another observation, and I know it was just a demo, but I was amazed how fast the match loaded after selecting the teams. If the final release loads matches as fast, it will make a massive difference.

One of the most frustrating issues with previous versions of Fifa was that I would always keep clean sheets, yet struggle to score goals. This is not the case with Fifa 10. While conceding goals, I am also able to score them. Sure, I have to work hard to get the ball in the onion bag, but when I get myself in a decent goal-scoring position, the keeper doesn’t pull of contestant and unrealistic, wonder saves like in older editions.

It must be stressed, I was only playing the demo. The final edition will be different. Luckily, if older versions are anything to go by, the final, polished version will be even better than the demo! Roll on Oct 2nd!

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