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One if my favourite episodes of all time. Mulder and Scully visit a small, remote town full of hicks and end up investigating an interbreeding family.  The US answer to Chippenham?

Project: X-Files – 3/50

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This episode is proof that people in devil worshipping cults are crazy – especially if they’re in America.

Being one of the earlier episodes, Scully is very dismissive of anything out of the ordinary; whether it be water going down the sink clockwise or a snake eating a man; she claims it all to be “impossible”, despite being witness to the events herself. Give it a few more seasons and she’ll learn.

Despite being a somewhat dark episode, involving teenagers being killed, I was amused by Scully carefully pointing out that “toads just fell from the sky” after Mulder, ankle deep in amphibians like everything is normal, offers to take her for lunch.

Project: X-Files – 2/50

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The episode where we are lead to believe Cancer Man is responsible for the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, as well as fixing sporting events and killing aliens. Despite the nature of the plot, this is a light hearted and enjoyable episode which probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Although if Barack Obama is ever killed, I know who I’m blaming.

Project: X-Files – 1/50

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In my ongoing war on terror against spiders, I ordered a gadget from the internet which allows the evil eight-legged monsters to be caught. At the moment, whenever I spot a spider in my flat, I spray it with insect killer. While this results in the death of the spider, there is a five minute spell following the spraying where it goes literally berserk. The spider shows no fear and is no doubt extremely dangerous. I call this death rage. This is very frightening and I also feel a little sorry for the spider.

The new “toy”, which today came in the post, is a spider catcher. I am assured it is very effective and does not kill the spider, which I guess is a good thing. You can see it in action on YouTube. The only problem is, I will need to get within a foot of the spider. I think I can pluck up the courage to do this, but if it starts running with it’s horrible legs, there could be a problem for me!

On the plus side, I have now had the spider catcher in my flat for 3 hours and I am yet to see a spider, so it must be working.

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I have been a fan of The X-Files since it was first aired on BBC when I was but a mere child. I also own all the seasons on DVD, but it has been a long time since I have watched them. If I’m honest with myself, while I would like to see every single episode in the collection again, I don’t think I ever will. Lack of time and willpower is to blame for this, with saddens me a little, as it really was an excellent television series.

Therefore, I have decided that across the next year, I will aim to watch the Top 50 episodes of the series, as voted for by fans on the Internet Movie Database. An episode will be picked at random from the list below for my enjoyment.

X-Philes (a term for X-Files fans/geeks) will see that no mythology episodes have been included in this list. I have purposely removed these, as any fan of the series knows the story, and personally I don’t enjoy them as standalone episodes.

You can expect my thoughts on each episode to be included on this blog.

The list:

  1. Bad Blood – 5.13
  2. Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose – 3.4
  3. Small Potatoes – 4.20
  4. Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man – 4.7
  5. Home – 4.2
  6. Humbug – 2.20
  7. Paper Hearts – 4.10
  8. Monday – 6.14
  9. War of the Coprophages – 3.12
  10. Ice – 1.7
  11. Squeeze – 1.2
  12. Folie a Deux – 5.19
  13. Field Trip – 6.21
  14. Pusher – 3.17
  15. Beyond the Sea 1.12
  16. The Unnatural – 6.19
  17. The Post-Modern Prometheus – 5.5
  18. Unusual Suspects – 5.3
  19. Je Souhaite – 7.21
  20. Darkness Falls – 1.19
  21. Triangle – 6.3
  22. Redrum – 8.6
  23. Arcadia – 6.15
  24. Tithonus – 6.10
  25. Wetwired – 3.23
  26. Drive – 6.2
  27. Leonard Betts – 4.12
  28. The Amazing Maleeni – 7.8
  29. Unruhe – 4.4
  30. X-Cops – 7.12
  31. The Goldberg Variation – 7.6
  32. Roadrunners – 8.4
  33. Tooms – 1.20
  34. The Pine Bluff Variant – 6.18
  35. Release – 9.17
  36. Quagmire – 3.22
  37. Eve – 1.10
  38. The Host – 2.2
  39. Detour – 5.4
  40. F. Emasculata – 2.22
  41. Irresistible – 2.13
  42. Die Hand die verletzt – 2.14
  43. How the Ghosts Stole Christmas – 6.6
  44. Three of a Kid – 6.20
  45. Millennium – 7.4
  46. Our Town – 2.24
  47. Sleepless – 2.4
  48. 4-D – 9.4
  49. Terms of Endearment – 6.7
  50. Alone 8.19

In case you were wondering, the numbers next to each episode refer to the season, followed by episode number.

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