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Bath City 0-3 Alfreton Town
Conference National
Tuesday 24th January 2012 – 19:45

Tonight’s blog has been replaced by a letter to the match day referee, Mr. Stephen Bratt of Walsall.

Dear Stephen,

Or is it Steve? You don’t mind if I call you Steve do you? I would hate to upset you by calling you something offensive.

I hope this letter reaches you ok. Are you still in the changing room? The last I heard was that you had locked yourself in there following Tuesday night’s match.

Did you manage to visit the city of Bath prior to the game? We now have our own Krispy Kreme. It’s only recently opened. Just a short walk from the opticians. Do you wear glasses? Has anyone ever said you should have gone to Specsavers? I’m sorry, Stevie. I’m joking.

Seriously though, if you’re ever in Bath again, do take time to go shopping. If you are a hat-wearer, boy do we have the shop for you! All the hats are hand made by an elderly gentleman, a Mr. Wan Carr. I believe Wan is a distant relative of the comedian Alan Carr. You’ll look great in a Wan Carr’s hat, Steve.

I trust you enjoyed last night’s visit to Twerton Park – a long way to travel from your home of Walsall, especially on a Tuesday evening. Did you get a lift on the Alfreton coach?

You have to admit we were a bit unlucky with Alfreton’s first goal. An own goal is always harsh to concede. Mind you, that Alfreton throw-in was impressive. That lad must have a stronger throw than Rory Delap.

I was a bit disappointed you failed to give Sean Canham a penalty shortly after Alfreton’s goal. Did you see your team mate haul him down in the penalty area? Sorry, I’m being naughty again, although your colleague Wayne Barratt was certainly more generous in awarding a spot-kick the other week. A pity it was to Braintree.

Where did you go during the middle of the game? I didn’t notice you were on the pitch. Still, they say when a referee is not noticed, he is doing a good job. In case you were wondering, that was a compliment. I understand you don’t get many of these. To be honest, Steve, I’m not really surprised. I suppose now you are expecting my third apology of this heartfelt letter. Well Stevo, to save you the effort of looking, there isn’t one, and as a word of warning, I am afraid you are not going to enjoy reading the rest of my letter to you.

Although your absence, albeit in mind rather than body, from the pitch was duly noticed, it would have been appreciated had you taken action when a couple of Alfreton thugs took it upon themselves to physically assault two of our players. I believe the thugs in question are Connor Franklin and Nathan Jarman, or as you probably call them on the team bus ‘Franks’ and ‘Natty’.

Credit to you though, Steve. Although it looked like you had clocked off shortly before the half time interval and were half way up the M5 on the way home to Walsall; you did return for the remainder of the match, although to be honest, I wish you hadn’t of bothered.

Can I please ask? What did you see in the challenge between our player, Gethin Jones and Alfreton’s Anthony Wilson? Going by the fact you awarded Gethin Jones a red card shows your eyesight is clearly different to that of everyone else in the ground, including your own linesman, who flagged for a foul in Bath City’s favour. I am no expert, but I would seriously recommend contacting an optician. Specsavers have branches all over the country, I expect even in Walsall.

My vision is sadly not as powerful as yours; therefore I was unable to see the reason why you sent off Sean Canham shortly after Gethin Jones, although I hear it was because a ball was thrown in your direction. A tad mischievous by Sean, maybe, but as it didn’t hit you, how did you know you were the intended recipient? Sean is a prolific striker. Believe me, had he wanted the ball to hit you, it would have.

Perhaps on the way to Specsavers, you could pay a visit to Waterstones, purchase a copy of The Oxford Dictionary with your ill-deserved match fee and look up “common-sense”. Given the heated atmosphere, following your poor decisions, it is clear frustrations would run high amongst players and would explain Canham’s frustrations.

I would like to finish my letter to you tonight by thanking you on behalf of Alfreton Town Football Club for three much-needed points in the fight against relegation. Sadly, you will receive no praise or words of gratitude from me. I would however ask that you never step foot in Twerton Park again.

Yours angrily,
A upset and angry Bath City supporter

P.S. How rude of me! I almost forgot. I hope you enjoy the rest of your career as a referee. I couldn’t help but notice that a few years ago you were taking charge of League One games (scary, isn’t it!). I have no doubt that if you continue to work as hard as you did last night, one day you will reach the prestigious Evo-Stick League. Good luck!

P.P.S. – Please find enclosed a gift from me to you.

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