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Today has been an exciting day. OK, exciting may be a slight exaggeration, but it is fair to say it has been a bit more interesting than others.

If you read my blog yesterday, you will have seen I was forced to spend the entire afternoon and part of the evening cleaning the house. I am pleased to report, that I broke free from my chains and shackles and am no longer a slave. I must give my slave master a doff of the hat, however, as I did a bloody good job at cleaning the place.

The letting agency called round to inspect the place, commenting how tidy it was and how all the mildew and grime which was on the shower during her last visit had now gone. A tad surprising, considering that was one of the few areas I hadn’t put much effort into cleaning. We were also complemented on our clean widows (something we have never washed) and our Liverpool FC bed cover. I had to point out that I was not a Liverpool supporter and the bed cover was certainly not from the Merseyside club! Just as we thought we were going to get a perfect review, she found some mould under the towel in the bathroom. A towel used to soak up a leak from the shower door they still haven’t fixed by them, so technically, not my fault – and that’s the law of the land, so there. While the lady didn’t say how well we did, I think I’ll award us an A-.

As part of the house renovation/cleaning, I ordered some storage containers from Argos. I felt the stacks of cardboard boxes in the spare bedroom where a bit unsightly and I would therefore transfer their contents (mostly Leeds United books) into something a little more attractive – rectangular blocks of PVC.

The estimated delivery time was between 7am and 6pm. I therefore set my alarm and was up and out and out of bed first thing in the morning. I knew Argos wouldn’t come that early and fully expected them to turn up while I was eating my tea, in the middle of Coach Trip. I was giving them too much credit. Shortly after 8am, my mobile phone rang. It was Argos, kindly informing me that they would not be coming at all today. Bastards. Like any good Watchdog viewer, who knows their customer rights, I moaned a bit about how I would be greatly inconvenienced and asked that my delivery charge be waived. It was. Anne Robinson would be proud of me, although I’ll still need to be on guard for when the boxes are delivered tomorrow. If they think I’ll be up at 7am tomorrow though, they can get to feck.

My last piece of exciting news took place yesterday. It involves takeaway pizza. Takeaway pizza from Pizzarella – that amazing place on Chelsea Road which makes the best pizzas outside of Italy – hand cooked in a flame oven by some crazy old Italian. Sadly, the crazy old Italian appears to have retired and the place has changed hands. I have been a little suspicious if this is actually for the better, especially when I noticed they are now selling kebabs and alcohol. I have therefore avoided it, although moving away from Newbridge is probably the biggest factor in me not frequenting the place.

Last night though, I found out that they now deliver! I ordered my favourite – cheese and mushroom pizza. It was delivered promptly and wasn’t that bad. OK, it didn’t have the taste of Italian passion, anger and sweat the pizzas of old once had, but it was still very nice, and much better than Pizza Hut, Dominos and the likes. Yes, I think I’ll be going back there again. Well done. Or should that be “ben fatto”.

Pizza delivery!

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