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Well here you have it, my Christmas blog for 2014. I would have blogged yesterday, but I was otherwise engaged, so didn’t have time to get on the laptop. I will write a second blog for you all about Boxing Day later…

Christmas Day was good. I gave lots of presents and received many in return. 3 different houses were visited, although unfortunately, I only got to eat one Christmas dinner. The dinner was very nice. One reason for this is that I had chicken instead of turkey. Turkey can be very dry, unless cooked by a Michelin star chef, and I am a fussy eater. The chicken I ate was beautiful, moist and well complimented by some delicious pigs in blankets – arguably the best part of any Christmas dinner.

During the cooking process, my brother and I had a debate regarding the welfare of chickens and if battery farms really are that bad. We ate a free range chicken and I always buy free range eggs. There is a big argument to suggest that birds from battery farms produce poor quality eggs and meat, not to mention being incredibly cruel. With regards to quality, I can see why free range eggs would be better. If a battery chicken is locked in a cage all its life, has 3 legs and a beak growing out of its back, it isn’t going to care whether it is laying an egg or taking a shit. However, it will be so miserable, that when it is killed to make your chicken dinner, it will almost be pleased to die. The man in the slaughterhouse is effectively doing it a favour. Compare this to a typical free range chicken, living the life of Riley. It can eat as much as it likes, walk wherever it wants, breed with all the handsome cockerels. If I was a free range chicken, I would be as happy as Larry. Then some nasty murderer comes along and slits my throat. The next thing I know, I am in a Chicken McNugget. Is that fair? I’ll leave that one with you and get back to my Christmas blog…

Not a lot of television was watched on Christmas Day. I suppose this was a good thing, as it means lots of time was spent with family. Looking through the TV guide we’ve got, it doesn’t look like I missed much. I downloaded The Queen’s Speech for somebody who missed it in the afternoon. I don’t normally watch The Queen, but as it was on and I had gone to the effort of using Sky’s on-demand service to get hold of it, I thought I would sit back and see what the woman my taxes pay to keep in teacakes had to say for herself. I don’t remember much of it, although did laugh when she recalled a visit to the set of Game of Thrones. I am not a GOT fanatic, but have seen a few episodes, which included an incest relationship, naked women and a number of beheadings – I do wonder if Madge enjoys that kind of thing…

Can THIS apply for a Royal Warrant?

I received many lovely presents, from many generous family members, and have been thinking long and hard over the past day on how I can blog about them, given the fact I can’t photograph and upload every single one – as nice as the presents are, it’ll take far too long! So I will pick one present from each person and upload it here. If you’re reading this and bought me something, thank you very much. I hope you liked what I got you…

From Claire – Vegas comes to our house!

PlayStation 4? XBox One? No thanks – this is the King of Consoles.

You read it right – that’s 32,000 colours AND stereo sound!

SNES from my Dad. 3D Sonic mug from my Mum. Retro gaming ahoy. My parents know me well.

I did think about modelling these for you, so be very grateful I changed my mind…

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Nandos at home? Don’t mind if I do!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Once again, to everyone who bought me something or sent a card – mucho appreciato!

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