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Eleven days have passed since I was discharged from hospital. Since my scooter accident, 28 days ago, I have tried to keep my blog updated with my recovery process.

Not many posts regarding my health have been made recently, mainly because there hasn’t been a great deal to report.

I continue to spend almost all of my time in bed – although do manage to get into a wheelchair most days, for roughly 45 minutes, before a combination of exhaustion and discomfort force me to lie down again.

This is very frustrating for me. I know the reasons why I am unable to sit out for longer than three quarters of an hour. I also know that things will improve over time, although it is often difficult to convince myself of this fact.

Firstly, due to the large amount of bed rest which I am receiving, I am massively out of condition, which makes standing, transferring into my wheelchair and even sitting down, a tiring ordeal.

I was going to post a picture of a bed, to represent the time I currently spend in mine. However, I found that to be dull and depressing. I am therefore using a seabed instead! Genius?

More importantly, though, is the fact I have two broken arms and the unfortunate impact this has on me, when combined with my pre-existing medical condition, scoliosis.

For the last few years, I have been unable to sit straight and upright in a chair, like an able-bodied individual would expect to. If I was to try, I would experience pain and even breathing difficulties. This is because my back would be taking too much pressure from being seated.

I have learnt to adapt to this problem, by learning on one of my arms, usually the left. This allows my arm or elbow to take a large part of the strain, instead of my back and curved spine.

Now that both of my arms are broken, this self-discovered workaround can no longer be used. The good news is that I am noticing very small improvements to my fractured limbs, with each day.

I feel less physically strained while sat outside of the bed and believe that my posture is better than it was, compared to when I first left hospital. I am sure that this is because my arms are gradually healing. I have noticed that I have started to lean on them, as I did in the past, albeit only exerting a small amount of pressure.

Progress is still maddeningly slow and I remain equally as frustrated at home as I did in hospital – although must stress that I am infinitely happier and less bored where I am now, compared to Bay 1, Bed 3.

There are so many reasons why home is better than hospital, and in writing this, I have given myself an idea for a ‘feel good’ blog post, listing all of them. Expect that post in the next couple of days.

Two final bits of positivity to round off this post…

Since I started writing, I stopped midway through in order to eat my tea. It was during this break, that I discovered it is now possible to link my right and left hands together, as if I was praying. Totally impossible up until today. I am also able to rotate my left hand, so I can see the palm.

You can tell my leftie has been out of order for so long – it was covered in dead, dry skin. Remember in school, you would cover your hands in glue and pick it off once it had dried? That’s what it was like removing the old skin from my left hand. This has revealed a smooth, clean and soft palm. Don’t worry – my evening meal had long since finished, by the time I started peeling my hand off.

As a ten year old, I had more fun with this stuff than anything else * – and I owned Sonic the Hedgehog 2

I was a middle-class ten year old, living in the Georgian city of Bath. I know the 1980s had only recently come to an end, but the “fun” I had did NOT involve any glue-sniffing!

My second piece of good news concerns those bloody injections, I have been receiving each day.

Guess what? Tonight was the final jab of the course. Yipeee! My tummy may look like a pin cushion, but there will be no more nightly needles for me.

I know how you feel, mate

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  1. lucy

    December 23, 2019 - 11:20 pm

    i like this. its a profound way of looking at a situation you have no control over. the sea bed im referring to.

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