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Last night I went to see Christmas with the Kranks at the cinema. I quite liked it; it was a nice, light hearted Christmas comedy. By no means a classic but still a good thing to watch this time of year. My friend who I went to watch the film with hated it. Still there’s no pleasing everybody. We’ll go and see his choice of festive film soon – Surviving Christmas (which actually looks pretty good).

Some trailers for upcoming films I saw…

Meet the Fockers – Released in the UK, 28th January 2005
The sequel to Meet the Parents, one of my favourite films of all time. Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro return alongside Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand. Looks very funny, especially when Jinx the cat flushes the tiny dog down the toilet – it comes out blue!

Team America: World Police – Released in UK, 14th January 2005
A Thunderbirds style comedy focusing on modern day politics and the war in Iraq. Looks very rude and extremely funny. From the creators of South Park, this could be very good.

Are We There Yet? – Released in UK, 25th March 2005
Ice Cube from the rap group N.W.A. and such films as Friday and Three Kings stars in a toilet humour comedy where he takes two children across America. Contains many predictable events such as vomiting, urinating and slapstick humour. I’d like to see it, probably only on the 2-4-1 Orange Wednesday though.

Valiant – Released in UK, 25th March 2005
Computer animation from the geniuses behind the Shrek series. Follows the story of carrier pigeons in WWII. Looks very funny. Stars Ewan McGregor (who’s tipped to be the next 007), John Cleese and Ricky Gervais. Looking forward to this one…

Football now, Super Leeds United are away tomorrow evening to West Ham. The game is on the telly so all of the UK can have a good old laugh at the team they love to hate lose.

Once again, based upon recent form I can not see anything but a West Ham win tomorrow (painful as it is to admit). Still you never know what you’re going to get from Leeds. My other predictions this week haven’t been too good. Last night, I strongly believed, losing 1-0 at half time, Liverpool were heading for the Uefa Cup and would not enter the knock out phase of The Champions League. How wrong I was!

Lastly a comment on the state of the Leeds United kit this season. They have the usual sponsor on the front of the shirt – ok, fair enough, every team has this. Then the other month they got sponsorship on the backs of their shirt! Now it’s appearing on the backs of their shorts! They’re like walking billboards; I know the club are “a little” short on funds but this is ridiculous.

Mind you, I hear Roy Keane of Manchester United will soon have a similar type of sponsorship on his arse. He’s set to be sponsored by BT, after all “It’s good to talk”. :o)

Good luck to Leeds tomorrow – prove me wrong lads!

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