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“Lets get away from the cinema now! They’re about to show the outtakes!”

Friday night I went to see Taxi at the cinema. What an awful film! In fact it was the worst thing I have seen at the cinema all year. It was so bad it made Churchill: The Hollywood Years look good!

The film had a crap storyline, terrible acting and the humour was about as funny as falling in cow shit. Just a terrible, terrible, terrible film. When I looked yesterday it was already in the “Top 100 Worst Movies” on IMDB!

It wasn’t a super weekend for Leeds either who drew against Millwall. Leeds scored late in the first half and really deserved to win the game. Milwall got a late and very dubious penalty at the end to equalise.

Santa Claus hasn’t been too good to Leeds this year. Maybe he’ll give them a late gift when they play Sunderland on Boxing Day. Most fans will remember when they played Sunderland on Boxing Day 2002 and won 2-1, hopefully they can do the same 2 years on.

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Looking at the Christmas TV Guide for this year there isn’t much on worth watching. One thing I did notice that looked good though was The Animal Hospital Christmas Special 2004. has been able to get an exclusive preview of this very exciting episode…


Christmas is a relaxing time for most of the UK, but the staff at the RSPCA Animal Hospital in Manchester still have a tough job.

Today we’ll be looking at a pussy who has caught a nasty rash, but first lets see how the ‘Vets on the Road’ got on when they had to help a horse who has an injured leg and hoof…

This poor creature is called Ruud. He has injured his achilles.
The kindest thing in this case would be to put the animal to sleep with a shotgun blast to the head, however the owner is strongly against it.

Thats the first part of the Christmas special over, join us tomorrow when we’ll be going to Leeds to help out a donkey get some liposuction…

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I read a bizarre story in the news today. Manchester United, who are due to play the mighty Exeter City in the FA Cup in January have been successful in banning their opposition’s players from performing their trademark celebration if they score.

Exeter City players commonly impersonate an aeroplane after scoring and for the FA Cup tie will be paid £1,000 by budget airline Flybe for every goal they score.

Man Utd fans have kicked up stink (just for a change) and have banned this celebration as they claim it is disrespectful to the 21 people, including seven players who died in the 1958 Munich air disaster.

Now, before anyone thinks I am being disrespectful towards the disaster, I am not. It was a terrible tragedy in which many innocent, good civilians and players lost their lives, a tragic day for football and the family & friends of the victims. The thing is… its almost 50 years ago! 100,000’s of people have died in aeroplane disasters since then (what about the September 11th events?).

The celebrations have no connection to Manchester United at all, so no malice or disrespect is or was ever intended.

I have no pictures of Exeter City players performing their goal celebration. What I do have however is numerous images of MANCHESTER UNITED players performing aeroplane style goal celebrations! Maybe I’m missing something, but why is it ok for them to do it and not their opponents?

I’m not taking the piss or having a dig at Man Utd like I have in the past when they’ve lost – I am genuinely confused! If anyone can explain, please let me know!

P.S. Sorry about all the red non ManU fans! :o)

For those interested, here is the original article.

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I have been reading a very promising message board thread on IMDB regarding a new X-Files movie. X-Files fans will know that the series is done and dusted, the aliens are going to invade earth in the future and Mulder & Scully have fled to avoid death from powers above. Not much room for anything else in the saga now the truth is out… or is there!!??

Robert Patrick who played Special Agent John Doggett in the 8th and 9th seasons has been quoted as saying. “I owe my sci fi fans a great deal of my career and I look forward in doing some more. We have the X-Files movie coming up soon and I can’t wait to reprise my role of John Dogget once again”.

What with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson both hinting in the past about a 2nd movie, the truth may still be out there. The new movie is also rumoured to be a whole new story, nothing to do with the mythology.

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You know it’s finally Christmas when Radio 1 play the fabulous Eminem parody Stanta created for The Chris Moyles Show. It was played this morning for first time in 2004 (I think!).

Originally released back in 2000 when Eminem was making good music, Leeds were in The Champions League and Gladiator was the must have DVD for Christmas. How thing’s have changed.

The Stanta parody however is still just as good as it was four years ago. For anyone who has never heard it, or if you have and want to hear it again here it is for download (remember, no “hotlinking” please).

Happy Christmas, have a Proper Crimbo! :o)

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