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That’ll do lads, two more goals, three clean sheets.

Marching up together up the football league and in the cup.

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Leeds United and every other Football League club (apart from Southend and Southampton who played yesterday) will start their Carling Cup campaign this evening.

Leeds will face League One side Oldham Athletic at Elland Road. Leeds are the favourites and will probably win the game although nothing can be taken for granted in cup competitions.

The last three seasons have seen Leeds progress to the third round of the competition so it would be nice to see a better cup run this year especially with the new players at the club.

The opening few games haven’t always been the best quality football either. I was at the Huddersfield game last August and although Leeds won 1-0 it was a dire game.

Memories of losing to Sheffield United, losing to the Man Utd reserves and having to rely upon a last minute equalising goal from goalkeeper Paul Robinson to beat Swindon Town are all best forgotten about (although Robbo’s equaliser was a true magic moment).

Still, onwards and upwards, Marching on Together. We can win tonight. C’mon Leeds!

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I have no idea what is going on at Leeds United at the moment. I got back from work this evening to learn that they have just signed Richard Cresswell from Preston North End for £1.15million. This is in the same summer as spending big money on Rob Hulse, Robbie Blake & Daniel Harding as well as bringing in Ian Bennett, Rui Manuel Marques, Steve Stone and Eddie Lewis as freebies and Jonathan Douglas on a season long loan.

Premiership, here we come!

Where on earth are they getting the money from? Not only to make these singings but to pay the players? It is only 7 months ago that Leeds were under the old board and with massive debts about to go out of business all together, now we are behaving like the Chelsea of the Championship!

There have been rumours circulating that quality striker David Healy will be sold as something has gone on behind closed doors leaving the Northern Ireland International unhappy. Leeds manager Kevin Blackwell has denied this and today said that Healy would be staying. Although I have heard statements like that in the past which have turned out to be lies I tend to believe the manager this time.

Cresswell is a quality striker, he banged in 16 league goals for Preston last season and was a massive part of them reaching The Championship Play Off Final. Hopefully he will do wonders for Leeds as well.

Blackwell seems to like playing a burly striker (like Hulse or Ricketts) alongside a small, fast paced striker (like Healy or Blake). Cresswell is a strong, well built striker so should fit in well, maybe it’ll spell the end of Ricketts’ Leeds career. If any of the Leeds strikers are to leave I would certainly favour Ricketts (actually Ian Moore but I dunno what’s happened to him at the moment).

Hopefully Cresswell will prove a brilliant signing and maybe with this mysterious, new found wealth Leeds fans should start singing the Chelsea favourite

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I went karting in Bristol today for a friend’s birthday, tremendous fun! I have no experience of driving karts before and very little skill of driving an actual car (besides a few lessons around a car park on a quite Sunday afternoon) but that wasn’t a problem – apart from crashing into a few fellow drivers and tyre barriers!

Apologies for the crappy picture, I only had my mobile camera!

Speeding along the track at 40mph+ is a great experience, 40mph may seem pretty slow compared to road travel about but when your in the small kart with no walls, no roof and just inches above the track it is bloody fast!

I went along with a group of seven, six of whom were racing although there were 28 drivers in total as we completed in practice sessions, heats and a semi final, there was a grand final but neither my friends nor I got that far!

Overall I didn’t do brilliantly, I think out of the 28 taking part only 5 finished behind me although in my defence it was my first ever experience of karting and it seemed many of the other contestants took part on a regular basis. I also think people who drive and even ride bikes for sport had a far greater advantage. Over the sessions I did improve so next time I try hopefully I’ll earn a far more respectable finish. Those are my excuses and I’m sticking to them :o)

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Here we go with Leeds United, we’re gonna give the boys a hand,
Stand up and sing for Leeds United they are the greatest is the land,
Everyday we’re all gonna say we love you Leeds, Leeds, Leeds,
Everywhere we’re gonna be there we love you Leeds, Leeds, Leeds,
Marching on together, we’re gonna see you win,
We are so proud, we shout it out loud,
We love you… Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

Isn’t football a funny old game? When your team wins your in a great mood for days after the game and if your team loses you enter a taste of depression and wander around like Frank Butcher for a week.

Luckily I will not be doing my Mike Reid impression this week as Super Leeds beat Wolves 2-0 this afternoon, what’s great is that Wolves are real promotion challengers and until today unbeaten in a massive 21 league games. Another good reason is than Glenn Hoddle is a twat and doing one over him is always good.

Glenn Nice But Dim

New American signing Eddie Lewis, who by all accounts had a great game got an early goal for United who then sat back for the rest of the half while Wanderers totally dominated. The same continued into the second half until Rob Hulse grabbed a second goal for Leeds. The Whites then took full control of the game, taking 3 points and moving to 5th place in the league.

Thursday and Friday I watched the other two films in the Star Wars Trilogy. Must admit, like with A New Hope they were thoroughly enjoyable and I understand why so many people love the movies (although I still don’t get the fanatics). Ordered myself Episodes I & II as I think its only fitting I see the prequels. I thought Harrison Ford was excellent as Hans Solo and has really encouraged me to dig out the old Indiana Jones boxset to watch another classic trilogy.

I’m off karting tomorrow afternoon in Bristol for a friends birthday, should be good fun although I have never done it before! Then Monday I’ll be back to work after my two week break. Still not to worry, Bank Holiday weekend the following week and best of all the football season is back! Get in!

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