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It’s been a few days since my last blog. I think we can fairly say that the spell of daily blogging for 2011 has come to an end. I have been told by some people, well Simon, that this site keeps redirecting to another domain. This temporary redirection was put on last week and was removed a few days ago. If you’re having problems, try clearing internet cache and whatever else you do after looking at pornography. Although if you can’t get to my site, you’re clearly not getting this message. Oh well…

Last season, Bath City famously beat Grimsby Town in the FA Cup. A lot has changed since then – we’re now in the same division and met for the first time in the league yesterday afternoon. I am sure a lot of people were anticipating a revenge mission from Grimsby. Grimsby had all the revenge of the shark in Jaws: The Revenge. A bit of bite, a fat person got eaten, but in the end simply got spiked to death in a humiliating fashion by Michael Caine. In other words, Bath City won 2-1.

The game probably made more news due to a promotion, with an aim to attract 3,000 fans, offering anyone who can prove that they are of Polish origin a large discount upon entry. If nothing else, it gave The Daily Mail an excuse to stir up some racial hatred. Incidentally, I don’t know how many Poles actually turned up to the match. According to the fascist newspaper, unless you are a born and bred British Bulldog, you walk around with devil horns. As I saw nobody at Twerton Park with horns coming out of their skull, either no Polish people turned up, or The Daily mail have got their description of “Johnny Foreigner” wrong. I would make another ‘Downfall’ video about the event, but considering it involves Adolf Hitler, I think it would be very inappropriate.

John introduced Simon and I to a new US comedy at the weekend – Outsourced. The sitcom basically follows a team manager who is sent from his American office to one in India – with predictable culture conflicts between Indians and Americans. It is funny and inoffensive. I don’t think it has been shown on UK television yet, although after reading my raving recommendations, I am sure Rupert Murdoch will immediately commission it for Sky One. If you cannot wait for it to hit our side of the pond, I am sure you can find it on some torrent site or something dodgy like that. For the record, John recently made a trip to New York where he recorded all the episodes onto Betamax video tapes, therefore making our viewing of the series a little less illegal than if we were to have downloaded it from the internet.

Since I last blogged I have become a gambling addict. A large sum of my hard earned money was bet on a huge football accumulator which would have seen me win almost one million pounds. Unfortunately, my bet failed and I have lost my money. I am broken and in a state of despair. Still, I am sure I can win my money back next week and will try again. I am sure I can borrow or steal another ten pence piece to place a similar bet next week.

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