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Friday evening was the Bath City Quiz Night and Twerton Park. I begrudgingly decided that I sacrifice watching Autumnwatch and go along. Rather noble of me as Autumnwatch is such an interesting show – watching foxes and a badger rummaging through people’s bins live on TV really is fascinating.

The Bath City quizzes are a laugh, although this one was really hard. The first round was political history. They may as well have asked me to translate Shakespeare into Cantonese as I had absolutely no idea. We did educational quizzes like that on Friday afternoon in school, with Mars bars as prizes. However those questions were generally much easier, such as “what colour is a fire engine?” I did get one question right and was apparently the only contestant to do so – “What country does Robbie Fowler currently play in?” The answer being Thailand. If I ever go on Mastermind, my specialist subject will be scouse footballers.

‘A bogey side’ is a term given to a football club which another club finds impossible to beat. I’ve always found this term confusing and don’t know why it is named after a bogey. To me, a bogey is something that lives up your nose and can normally be released by blowing, or if in your own company, picking it out before enjoying it as a snack (optional). Why is it given to a football club who generally causes annoyance and discomfort? Surely it should be ‘Itchy-scab-on-your-back-which-you-can’t-reach-side’.

Anyway, as a Bath City fan I cant really say we’re anyone’s bogey (or scab-on-your-back) side. Until yesterday. I think we can now safely say that we’re the team that Grimsby Town will never, ever beat. We’re having a rubbish season, were trailing 2-0 to ‘The Mariners’, yet somehow managed to salvage a 2-2 draw.

When I was a kid I could never roller-skate. It was impossible. However hard I tried, I couldn’t get to grips with it. Having wheels on your feet isn’t natural. It shouldn’t happen. I think my failure to roller-skate is very much like Grimsby’s inability to beat Bath City. It’ll never ever happen… ever.

Getting home from football yesterday was an adventure. Every single house in Bath seemed to be letting off fireworks. There was so much smoke, flashes, bangs and explosions. I felt like Ross Kemp in Afghanistan, although feeling a lot colder and with more hair. I have no problem with Bonfire Night. I accept people want to celebrate the death of a man who tried to kill the Prime Minister, or whatever Guy Fawkes did. My issue is why do people keep letting fireworks off for weeks afterwards? Yesterday was November 5th. Today is November 6th. No more fireworks please. You don’t see people giving out Easter eggs in June.

I didn’t go to any firework displays last night. I went to The Rec in town and saw a display a few years ago. Quite frankly, once you have seen one set of fireworks, you’ve seen them all. Instead I spent the night in. With little to watch on TV, I was left with two choices. Autumnwatch on the iPlayer or Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World on Blu-Ray. I went for the latter. The film was shit on VHS in 1997 and is equally as pooh in 2011 in high definition. Mr. Spielberg, hang your head in shame.

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