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Unless you have been living in some kind of a cave for the past few months, or more realistically you just don’t like Family Guy, you’ll know that Brian Griffin was killed last year. Everyone was sad and there were online petitions to get him back. I like to think that some people even chained themselves to the Fox Studios, where the show is made, in protest. I do hope that happened, I really do.

Like anyone who had heard of his demise, you will also no doubt heard about his return from the dead some weeks later. Therefore, this afternoon, when I finally got round to watching the much publicised episode involving the dead dog, I was saved from any real-life tear-jerking, safe in the knowledge that I knew all was well.


Tomorrow’s blog title: “Boat sinks!”

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I’ve been watching a lot of Family Guy recently. On Saturday night, I watched the episode where Peter gets hold of a copy of the Surfin’ Bird record and precedes to torment his family by playing the song all day and night. It’s very funny.

Out of the humour, I had a great idea. A few weeks ago I had problems with noisy neighbours playing infernal music until the early hours of the morning. My plan, in a genius act of revenge, is to leave the flat for the weekend and play the Surfin’ Bird record, on full volume for two days and nights. Perfect.

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With autumn comes the falling of leaves, cold viruses (see my other blog), and new TV series’. Three shows returned with new seasons this week – Simpsons, Family Guy and My Name Is Earl. So far, apart from the latter, I have been rather disappointed.

Simpsons has been poor for the last few years, and this season doesn’t seem to be any different. Family Guy’s quality is deteriorating at a worryingly rate (although the recent Star Wars parody was excellent). The only exception has been My Name Is Earl, which returned with a fantastic episode. Earl is one of the best shows on TV at the moment, and I eagerly await the next episode. South Park is set to resume its 11th season soon, and although in its over ten years old, seems to be getting better with time – kick ass.

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Posted by sean on 29/03/2006 at 9:17 pm in Family Guy, Television with No Comments

I watched the latest episode of The Simpsons last night, the highly anticipated one written by and featuring Ricky Gervais. Well, Ricky did little to improve the long-since past it series, in fact I would go as far to say he made it worse.

The episode, part of the 17th season (the 7th too many in my opinion) featured a poor storyline and cheap gags which have become too familiar with the new episodes.

In this episode the writers seemed to forget the storyline completely and just made room for Rickey Gervais’ jokes. Now Gervais can be a very funny man, but I didn’t find him amusing in The Simpsons. Maybe he has lost it, maybe he had to americanise his humour or tone it down for a family audience, it certainly wasn’t up to his best. This was the first new episode I have seen in a while. It’ll be the last for some time to come.

After The Simpsons I had to remind myself that American TV can be funny so watched the new Family Guy episode which was brilliant, one of the best I have seen. Stewie’s arch nemis returned, Peter had a sensitive operation and afterwards experienced “fat sex” with Louis. Peter also had a fight the squirrel from the film Ice Age – pure genius.

Quagmire had the best line of the show though. Talking about a vasectomy he used the comparison “You take the venom out of the cobra and what have you got? … you’ve got a belt.”

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