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Posted by sean on 30/01/2008 at 9:30 pm in Work Activities with No Comments

My “hilarious” colleague thought it would be funny to hijack my computer this afternoon, and while I was hard at work, my PC came under attack – up popped a huge message saying


Not being a homosexual myself, I can only guess it was a strange way of my workmate coming out; either that or a joke. Normally I would find this funny, but when you are speaking to a senior manager at the time, it is a tad embarrassing.

Posted by sean on 30/01/2008 at 9:23 pm in Have I Got News For You with No Comments

Jeremy Beadle died this evening from pneumonia. I always thought he would die in a tragic, yet hilarious accident at a wedding, or as a result of a football being kicked into his genitals by a young child.

Maybe he isn’t really dead. Maybe he is getting ready to return with a brand new series of Beadle’s About by jumping out of his coffin just before he is lowered into the oven.

If he isn’t planning a super comeback and is indeed dead, RIP Jeremy :o(

Posted by sean on 29/01/2008 at 11:07 pm in Leeds United, Radio with No Comments

He may be a big, fat blabber-mouth; but Radio 1 DJ, Chris Moyles, speaks some sense on Dennis Wise’s treachery.

This will be the last time I will mention on the Dennis Wise incident. Sorry for boring the non-football fans.

Posted by sean on 28/01/2008 at 11:00 pm in Hamster, Leeds United with 4 Comments

The most annoying thing about Dennis Wise leaving Leeds is that I need to think of a new name for my hamster, who was named after the exiled manager. Any suggestions are welcome.

Posted by sean on 28/01/2008 at 8:24 pm in Leeds United with No Comments

So Dennis Wise has left his job as Leeds United manager to become Kevin Keegan’s bitch at the ever-going circus of Newcastle United.

Wise, the man who will be remembered for relegating Leeds United to the third tier of English football for the first time in history, has been struggling a bit of late; in fact, ever since head coach Gus Poyet left for Spurs. Call me sceptical, but I think Gus may have had more to do with Leeds’ wonderful start to the season than little old Dennis.

Gus Poyet – the master tactician

Kevin Keegan must be mad to appoint Wise. Over the years, the pint-sized cockney has proven himself to be an evil serpent, only looking after himself. Dennis will now have his eye on Keegan’s job, and will quite happily stab him in the back to get it. He will then leave his “beloved” Newcastle United and head for the next club which is offering a bigger pay-packet, regardless of how it leaves the Toon Army.

You would be unwise to trust Wise

I am not upset about Wise going. I am not even angry. The thing I am very annoyed about is the bullshit Wise spouted over the last 6 months about team spirit, sticking together, and his long term plans to get Leeds back to the Premiership. He is a liar and a bottler and not somebody I want associated with Leeds United Football Club.

Who do I want as a manager now? Easy. Gus Poyet. I believe Gus was the man to propel Leeds up the table, and think he would welcome a move to become an outright manager, after all, he has ambition (unlike Wise). Other names I would like include Sam Allardyce and Billy Davies; both good, proven managers, but have had their pride hurt of late and have something to prove. No Premiership or (decent) Championship clubs are in need of a new manager, so why not choose Leeds – a club with massive potential?

“Pick me!!! Pick me!!!”


Billy Davies celebrates Wise’s resignation – is the job his?

If I was to put a bet on who would get the job, my £2 would be on Paul Ince at MK Dons. He’s having a very good season, but to me, doesn’t seem much better than Wise. I would like chairman Ken Bates to take the opportunity to bring in a better manager than Dennis; someone who can handle a promotion chase and get into the Premiership. If Ince, Allardyce and Davies don’t want it, I suppose Leeds could always settle with José Mourinho.

“Where do I sign?”

“Barca or Leeds… Barca or Leeds…”

Bye bye Wise! Enjoy your money and your pay off next season when you and Kev are inevitably sacked!


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